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Prep For the Day Before Thanksgiving!

I shared with you last week that my family had an early Thanksgiving.  We celebrated last week, due to a family need.  People are the most important part of our traditions and celebrations, so putting my parents’ needs first, simply meant we would celebrate the holiday a couple weeks early with our daughters and their families.

Tday 3

You know what?  It was really great to be doing this holiday ahead of time!


Tday 1

The stores weren’t crazy!  The traffic wasn’t crazy!  Black Friday shopping wasn’t even a thought!  We were able to just DO the day together and enjoy our time as a family!  Also, my ahead of time preparations helped everything run smoother.  Last week I shared the week before schedule.  Today I’ll show you what I worked on the day before our family’s celebration.

The day before…

  • I finished setting the tables. That is a paper runner (actually a roll of crafting paper that I made the runner). I wrote, Give Thanks on each end.


  • I set out plates and napkins on the counter for appetizers.
  • I got the dessert area ready for the pies, also setting out dessert plates, forks and napkins.
  • I baked my Kentucky Derby pie.  Alli added Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon whipped cream!
  • I cooked up my Green Beans with Almonds so they could just be warmed up on the day of our celebration. This recipe requires browning almonds and also garlic – things that need constant attention.  It was easier to focus on that before the kitchen was busy!
  • I peeled the potatoes and put them in a crock pot filled with water, ready to cook on the day of our feast.

There were a few other minute details, but for the most part, those are the tasks that were accomplished beforehand so that Mr. Tom could be popped into the oven early in the morning.  The potatoes cooked in the crock pot and the Creamed Corn on the stove top.

Aside from the yummy meal that we feasted on, we had the blessing of time together as a family, sharing the blessings from God’s hand with one another, and just had time as a family.  God is good and we are thankful.  The emphasis is on remembering His goodness and spending time to thank Him together.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  What is stressing you?  Think about what you could do ahead of time to ease the time schedule on the day you celebrate. Then remember that the most  important part isn’t the meal, the decor, or your home – it’s the people!  Enjoy them to the fullest while you praise God together!

Refresh your life by preparing ahead and remembering to keep your focus on what really matters!

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