Help For Your Scurrying and Worrying


It’s the week before Christmas and I wonder if you’re saying things like…

How am I going to get it all done?

I still have shopping to do!

I haven’t wrapped anything yet!

I need to get some baking done!

If you’ve uttered those words recently, I  want to give you a word of encouragement! 

Prov 16.png

One reason I love reading through Proverbs each month is because I get to read the verse above and get my heart settled down again!  I need this continual reminder to give to the Lord my plans and let Him work them out according to His will.  You know what?  When I do this, I am AMAZED at how much I get accomplished.  I also realize at the end of the day, that the things that didn’t get done were not important.

If you’re scurrying and worrying today, my encouragement to you is to…

  1. STOP. I mean right now…just stop what you’re doing.  If you can drop to your knees, then do it.  At any rate, just bow in your heart before the Lord, the Master of your day and your plans.  
  2. CONFESS your worry and fretting over your plans.  No matter how frustrated you may be, worrying over your list is sin. Call it what God calls it and realize that He forgives when we ask.
  3. ASK the Lord to direct your day, your hours and your minutes.  Ask Him to help you dismiss the things that are not important. 
  4. STAY FOCUSED on what you need to be doing.  Don’t let yourself get distracted by the unimportant (social media, for example).  Keep moving on to the next thing.  Even if you get interrupted, realize that it’s God’s interruption and it’s okay!
  5. GIVE THANKS at the end of the day for all the Lord has allowed you to accomplish. That was His will, and it was done because He  enabled you to do it.

These simple steps are a true game-changer for me.  I’ve experienced God’s strength over and over on my busiest days.  He cares about each moment of our lives and He can give you victory over your scurrying and worrying…even the week before Christmas!


14 thoughts on “Help For Your Scurrying and Worrying

  1. Denise, how did you know? I thank the Lord for this message to my heart! I truly needed it. Thank you and may the Lord bless your day with His peace.


  2. Such a great message. This is the last week at school before the holiday break. It is such a busy time there and trying to balance the busyness of home too. It can be overwhelming!


  3. I needed this too. After reading it (out loud to myself!) I prayed and worked through the points you shared. God gave me clear direction for my day. This was such a blessing to me that I shared and linked to it on my blog.


    1. God always knows what we need and His Word always has the remedy, doesn’t it?! Thank you for sharing this post on your blog; you’re so gracious. Merry Christmas my friend!


    1. I think of the words in Jeremiah – Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts,”—Jeremiah 15:16. How precious; how beautiful are God’s Words of comfort and guidance to our confusion! Merry Christmas!

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