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Sunday Brunch


Sunday dinner at our house is typically the traditional southern Sunday meal.  We eat a full meal like roast beef or roasted chicken, served with a couple sides and probably a little dessert of some kind.

But sometimes even tradition needs to be changed up just a little.  Recently I was pondering what to fix for our Sunday dinner, when it dawned on me that I’d been considering making brunch foods for this first day of the week feast.  With that much decided, I knew exactly where I would land – pancakes!  But the ones I made weren’t your standard variety! I decided on Sweet Potato Pancakes from Cooking Light.  Oh, we love these!   They’re a little heavier than regular pancakes, but I think it’s to be expected with the sweet potato addition.

We loved the variety of having brunch for Sunday dinner!  It was satisfying, delicious and on the table quickly!  I prepped the ingredients and had them ready to mix together when we got home from church.  I cooked bacon in the microwave, and while the last of the pancakes were cooking, I made some scrambled eggs.  This was so good!

Sweet Potato Pancakes
Scrambled Eggs

The sun was shining through my stained glass window and made the pancakes an odd color, but I didn’t mind since we’ve had so many rainy days lately!

sweetpotatopancakes2 (1)

Sweet Potato-Pecan Pancakes
Photo: Lydia E. Degaris

Do you ever eat Brunch on Sunday?  I’m thinking it would be a fun entertaining menu on Sunday, too!

Refresh your Sunday menu with brunch!

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