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Dollar Tree Galvanized Tin Makeover

Back in the day when we shopped at the Dollar Tree, I got this little galvanized container…


It was so shiny, so nice that it just didn’t fit with the word, galvanized tin!   I felt like it was lacking some character.  It needed some age on it to make it look like it had been around a while, like maybe it had a story or two that it could tell!

Sooooo, I got out a piece of sandpaper and tried to roughen up the smooth surface, but it did nothing.  I knew hammering it would only make dents.  Then I turned to Pinterest to find some answers.  I learned that all this container needed was two things –

  1. White Vinegar
  2. Time

That’s it!  I took old towels and soaked them in the white vinegar.

Then I put the galvanized container inside a bucket and laid the vinegar-soaked towels around it, covering all its sides.


I turned off the light and went to bed.  The next day, it was kind of rusty looking and more rustic.  I laid the towels again over places that were still a bit too shiny.  This was done for a couple more hours.

The next step was to rinse off the vinegar and wipe it dry.  Then I applied brown craft paint over the tin. (I’m sorry that I got so excited about finishing this up that I failed to take pictures of this process!)

I wiped most of the paint off with a paper towel , but left nice trails of it behind to give it the aged appearance.  It dried very quickly!  Ready to see the finished product?


I love it!  I have in my half bath, holding an extra hand towel, room spray and hand lotion.  Let’s compare the before and after…

Here’s how it is displayed in the bathroom ~


It was a super-simple project using things I already had on hand.

I hope this inspires you to bring out the character in something you already have but don’t necessarily love. It could be as simple as two ingredients to fix!

Do you like everything shiny and new, or do you like the character of old items?

Staying home with a joyful, thankful heart,

denise a

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