refreshment at home

Refreshing Little Things

It’s when little things are refreshed that my heart smiles. Here are some recent little joys.

A fresh coat of paint. We used the same color and gave our entryway a refresh. After almost eight years, it was time!

Freshened up photos. This frame hangs inside our front door and had OLD pics in it. After we finished our painting job and I was rehanging everything, I ordered prints from our recent family photos and changed them out. Much better!

Freshened up beds, made with ironed sheets. I’ve talked about this before, but ironing the top sheet makes the bed feel luxurious!!

Refreshing little children with library books. Their mommy is so good about getting checking out books frequently, so when I stop in for a visit they ask me to read to them. Oh what fun!

Refreshing times outside at mealtime with my sweet husband are summertime delights! We eat every meal we can outside while it’s pretty. Sometimes we eat under the shade of the back porch, and if it’s not too hot, we sit out on the patio at this little café table.

Roses!! These are called popcorn roses. They are so tiny and delicate. I put them in a tea cup floating in a little bit of water. It’s amazing how something clipped from the yard can really refresh the indoors!

I pulled out my cheap container of watercolors and did a little painting this week! I turned on a You Tube tutorial and worked at learning the “how-to’s.” It’s so much fun!

I’m no Picasso, but I’m refreshing my days with a new hobby!

I hope my little gestures of refreshment will inspire you! What refreshing things have you been up to?

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