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ABC’s of Sharing your Love

Looking for some ways to express your love to your husband this Valentine’s Day? Here are 26 ways to love him all year long.

We go together like… =)

Admire his physical characteristics.
Buy him his favorite candy bar, snack or treat.
Call him on the phone while he’s at work just to tell him you love him and are thinking about him.
Dress up for him – look your best when he comes home!
Express the reasons why you love him – write it on the bathroom mirror in dry erase marker.
Find a picture of the two of you that brings back a special memory.
Greet him at the door each night when he comes home.
Have your own signal to say “I love you.” A tug of the tie, a secret number code, etc so you can express your love even in a crowd.

Initiate a date and take care of all the details.
Joke and tease with him like you did when you were dating.
Kiss him before he leaves the house!
Leave notes for him – in his car, on his pillow, in his brief case, in his Bible…
Make his favorite dessert and serve it by candlelight in your bedroom after the kids are in bed.

This cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Note on a large-blocked calendar things your husband has done for you. Keep track all year, and then give the calendar to him as a journal of sorts.
Openly share your love for him in front of your children. They need the security that Mommy and Daddy love each other!
Poems are creative ways to tell your husband how you feel. If you can’t write one, find one that says what’s in your heart.
Quips and cartoons are fun love notes to leave. Read the comics and the “Love is” cartoon in the paper and cut out one that is appropriate for him.

Run an errand for him – even if it’s out of your way.
Share a special treat together – a milkshake or a small personal-size pizza.
Tell him what you admire about him – this is different than why you love him…this is about who he is – not what he does.
Understand his need for space.
Vanish away together! Plan an overnight trip and surprise him.
Wash the car for him
Xtra loving care.
Your attitude can change his bad day. Make sure your heart is right with the Lord so you can encourage him!
Zest for life can make a boring marriage an exciting one. Do something new together!

Share your ideas of ways you express your love here in the comment section.


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