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Craft Room/Guest Room Makeover

I have a room that is a mixture of office, craft space and guest room. It’s been hard to organize it and also make it look pretty, but it’s been a work in progress. I recently added the final touch to the room that makes me just smile when I enter or even walk by. I’m excited to show you the before and after!

Our whole house was painted a khaki color when we moved in. It’s a nice neutral, but it’s not bright enough for my liking, so I’m trying to change it out little by little. I chose a paint color called, Cool Elegance. It’s a very pale aqua. It feels so restful and I absolutely love it!

It’s amazing to me that just by adding paint, you can transform a room! Then moving things out that are crowded and make the space feel cluttered is also a game-changer! Look at the before and after pictures below!

These before pics are almost embarrassing! Each picture can scroll to the left to show the before and after shot.

I also raised the curtain rod up high when I got new curtains. It makes such a difference, just like it did in this room.

Perhaps you’re looking at the MESS in the before pictures above and wondering what I did with my craft supplies? I organized them into the stackable drawers and put them in the closet in this room. They look neat, and still allow access to the clothes that my husband keeps in there. They’re very easy to access, and it makes the room visually restful!

I’m going with a calm “lake” feel here. I purchased the lake/canoe picture at Hobby Lobby in their 70% off aisle for $4.99! I drew the lake picture on the chalkboard to fit the theme. The paper pinwheels were on the wall before I painted, but I added some new ones to bring out the aqua. That’s a really inexpensive wall decor! Each pinwheel is made of two pieces of scrapbooking paper.

I’ll probably still be doing some tweaking, like painting the bookshelf white and changing out the ceiling light, but for now, I’m really happy with the results!

What room in your house is “bothering you?” Start pinning ideas you love on Pinterest of that kind of room . Then look at the similarities each picture has to see what look you’re longing for. Start planning and do a little at a time! Don’t paint until you’ve decided on all the other parts of the room. You can make your paint ANY color or shade, but it’s really hard to to try match your rug or your bedspread with a random shade of paint.

I have another room I’m getting anxious to get painted. Any guesses?

If you haven’t seen my Family Room makeover, you can see it here.

Refresh your living spaces with something you love!

Most of all, refresh your heart with Truth from God’s Word this weekend. Attend a Bible preaching church and fellowship with believers. It will do for your heart what nothing else can do!

6 thoughts on “Craft Room/Guest Room Makeover

  1. It’s lovely, Denise. The view from the window is amazing. I wish I could guess the next room you have plans for. All of your spaces are so cozy and inviting.


  2. There was certainly nothing messy about the room prior to your changes. I guess each person has their own taste and preference. I try to be content with what God provides. Our budget doesn’t allow for redecorating. To even have a guest/craft room would be a blessing!! It’s nice you are able to spend your time and money on projects like this!


    1. I enjoy making spaces work better in an effort to make our guests and family feel at home. Contentment will serve you well, knowing that every good gift is from our gracious God’s hands.


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