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The Two Greatest Men In My Life

Father’s Day and my wedding anniversary come close together in June, giving me the blessing of celebrating the two greatest men in my life – my dad and my husband. They are both imperfect, of course, but let me tell you why I delight in celebrating them this weekend.

Even at 89, my dad enjoys working on tasks he’s able to do.

I celebrate my dad because ~

  • He gave me an earthly picture of a loving heavenly Father who loves me perfectly.
  • He saw to it that I learned about the Gospel.
  • I have heard him share his testimony of salvation as an early teen, coming to Christ in a revival meeting.
  • I have watched his burden for others that have never seen their need to be saved.
  • I have witnessed his consistent walk with God.
  • I learned from him how to be an industrious, hard worker.
  • He has given me wise, godly counsel all my life.
  • He has loved my mother unconditionally.
  • He gave me a standard for the man I would marry.
  • He spent time with me, teaching me to ride a bike, hit a baseball, play tennis, drive a standard transmission car, and figure out my math homework…
  • He has a generous, loving spirit.
  • He is kind and humble.
  • He has tenderly parented me all my years…even to this day.

I say, Happy Father’s Day to my dad who wasn’t perfect, but made me think he could do anything. One recent memory that is tucked into my heart was when I was leaving their home after making my monthly visit and he said,

“Well, if I don’t see you again here, I’ll see you on the other side.”

How precious that truth is to me. How precious he is to me. No father could give their child any better gift than the understanding of eternity with our great God.

The other man I’m celebrating this weekend is my husband of 41 years (on Monday), Dale.

This Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone was a gift to me after I’d won our putt-putt game.

I celebrate Dale because ~

  • He has a steady, passionate walk with God that pushes me to Christ every single day.
  • He lives what he preaches.
  • He is humble and willing to admit and forsake his sin.
  • He is fun-loving.
  • He has an adventurous spirit.
  • He is affectionate and tender.
  • He is sentimental.
  • He is teachable.
  • He loves to shop!
  • He appreciates my cooking and will eat whatever I fix!
  • He is the most generous man I know.
  • He cares about others more than himself.
  • He is the best friend in the world – to me and to anyone he knows.
  • He always pushes me to grow and be all that God is leading me to do.
  • He is never jealous or selfish.
  • He guides me and gives me good counsel in a loving way.
  • He loves his family furiously.
  • He has loved my cats!
  • He forgives me easily.
  • He has the best ideas and plans of fun things to do together.
  • He loves shepherding the people in our church.

I honor you, Dad, for the gracious gift you have been all my life. Thank you for being the best father and pointing me to my heavenly Father. I honor you, Dale, for the loving husband you are, and for putting the Gospel on display in the way you love me. I am so very blessed.

You can see why it’s so easy for me to celebrate these two men this weekend. They are grace gifts in my life, and I thank the Lord because, Every good gift and every perfect give is from above. James 1:17 We are to give honor to whom honor is due, and that is the purpose for this post today.

Thanks for letting me celebrate my men on this platform. They are worth it.

Friend, if your father was not a picture of a loving God, don’t be angry. God IS perfect. God loves you unconditionally and eternally. He provides everything you need to come to Him. Pray for your dad. Love him with the love of Christ. Your response could make all the difference.

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