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The Most Scenic Route Date EVER!

My husband is a man who loves to surprise me. He loves to wait until the last minute to tell me where we’re going and what we’re going to do. I’ve learned to patiently wait, and also go prepared for any type of adventure or any weather change!

This past Monday was our 41st anniversary and we had discussed taking the day and spending it in nearby Pigeon Forge. We love it there and had several ideas of things to do. However, on Monday morning my husband told me to be ready to leave the house at 11:30 and be ready to head to an undisclosed lunch destination. He also told me I might want to wear a summer dress. I had no idea what he was up to, but I put on a summer dress, but also brought a denim jacket, shorts and casual top (just in case!).

We loaded up the car and headed into Johnson City where he stopped to pick up an order he had made at our favorite steak restaurant – Longhorn. Then we headed out of town and began climbing UP, UP, UP. About half way there I realized he was taking me to Beauty Spot – a gorgeous place on top of Unaka Mountain. It has stunning panoramic views of Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. It’s also on the Appalachian Trail.

A table with a view, for sure! This is what I looked out to as we ate!

After he parked in the parking lot below, he told me to stay put until he told me he was ready. After about 15 minutes I walked up the trail (thankful for my jacket!) and saw Dale putting the finishing touches on a picnic lunch that was dressed to the nine’s!

He had brought a table, chairs, tablecloth, tabletop chandelier, cloth napkins china, goblets, some of my rolls from home and Texas Sheet Cake from our freezer for dessert. It was incredible! Several groups of hikers passed while we were eating, and of course everyone commented about such a lovely lunch on the AT! After learning that we were celebrating our 41st anniversary, one man asked if he could take our picture. “You don’t see this every day!” Indeed! Dale plated our Longhorn lunch on our china plates and we enjoyed our scrumptious steak dinner, mostly in solitude, with the beauty of the mountain views ALL around us.

Dale told me that he had dreamed of pulling this off for years, and now he was able to fulfill it! I couldn’t have been more surprised, delighted and wowed! It was indeed the Most Scenic Route date we’ve had yet!

We exchanged cards, sentiments, memories, and also some tears. Yep, this whole scenic route date made me tear up! What man would plan such detail and go to so much trouble to serve his wife? My sweet, sentimental husband, that’s who. I am so blessed to share life with him, share his name, and share my place beside him on the Scenic Route!

If there’s a “dream date” you’d love to pull off for your spouse, don’t give up! Pray about how the Lord would allow you to accomplish it and then watch for the perfect opportunity. This $25 meal was better than $150 one at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse! Marriage on The Scenic Route is worth the effort!

Refresh your marriage with an extreme scenic route date!

14 thoughts on “The Most Scenic Route Date EVER!

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful celebration and lovely memory made. You two are “marriage goals !” God bless you both 🙂


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