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Winter Back Porch

Why have a fire pit in the backyard if you don’t/can’t use it when it’s cold outside? I’ve always wanted to add some winter touches to the back porch so we could use it in the winter as another entertaining area, and I’m happy to say I did that last week so this area will be more useable in the cold months!

What does a Winter Back Porch need?

  • Warm blankets
  • More warm blankets!
  • Layers on the tables to give an idea of warmth
  • Greens for decor
  • Wood for the fire pit
  • Candles
  • White lights
  • A place for coffee or hot chocolate cups

I tried to make sure that everything is heavy so it won’t blow over/away during windy times. This pillar candle is very heavy and helps anchor the quilted runner. The bucket below has a couple bricks inside to keep it in place.

A couple strands of our white lights were out, and right now is the best time to find good deals on them. I’m happy to say that the whole porch is now well lit! We keep the wood piled inside a storage box, but there’s another copper container on the patio where it is covered and ready for a night of s’mores and the fire’s warmth!

I have a basket under the small table with afghans and throws, ready for chilly guests. I also have S’mores skewers on hand and a pantry ready with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate! What would be more fun even on a snowy day than to gather out here and enjoy the fire and a treat?

Is your fire pit or back porch ready for winter? What simple additions could you add so you could enjoy that space this winter? My husband and I are planning a date night out here in the near future! Now that would be romantic!

Refresh your back porch for winter!

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