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When Darkness Overwhelms You

In this season of my life I have felt times of sadness and grief over the difficulty my father has experienced, but there are other times when darkness settles in and it’s not because of outside circumstances, but due to things in my heart.

If this Christmas season finds you depressed or feeling overwhelmed with darkness, can I encourage you to listen to today’s podcast? I pray it will encourage you and shed the Light on your life that you need today.

Have you subscribed to the podcast? If so, what platform are you using? What episode has encouraged you? Thanks so much for listening!

5 thoughts on “When Darkness Overwhelms You

  1. Hi Denise,
    I use the podcast app on my iPhone to listen podcasts. Is your podcast available there? I’d love to subscribe. Prayers for you and your family as you’re navigating this time with your dad.


    1. Sheena, we appreciate your prayers so much. We see the Lord in all this and we only desire that He be glorified.
      My podcast is on Spotify, Buzzsprout and Apple Podcasts as of now. I hope you can access one of those easily! Thank you for listening!!


  2. I have subscribed on Apple Podcasts, and I’ve enjoyed listening! I like how you’ve added the note so that if I’m listening, but doing other things, I can look back to the main points if it’s something that I want to jot down.“Opposition in Obedience” is an episode I have listened to a couple of times now. It has encouraged and helped me.


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