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The Perfect Cornbread

Cornbread…ahhh, yes. When I go to Cracker Barrel and they ask, “Biscuits or Cornbread?” I usually always opt for the second choice – the crispy, corn meal version!

The winter months call for meals that are warm and comforting. In the south, one meal that is a staple (and also super cost-effective!) is Pinto Beans and Cornbread. Add some fried potatoes and you have the perfect supper meal!

Recently while at my mom’s, we decided that Pinto beans (also called soup beans) would make a great meal for that day. I did the beans using my favorite quick method and the potatoes, and she volunteered to make the cornbread, stating that she had found the perfect recipe.

She was right! It turned out crispy, moist, and slightly sweet.

Here’s her recipe that came from a package of corn meal. (I love that I have it written in her handwriting.) I’ve often had “random” packages without a recipe on the package, so I’m glad to have this one to save! Plus, it’s the perfect combination of ingredients!

Add this to your recipe collection and be ready for a hearty, comforting supper. Whether your meal is Pinto beans or meatloaf, it will be the perfect accompaniment!

Here are some other great comfort food recipes:
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Biscuits or cornbread for you?

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Cornbread

  1. I lean towards cornbread at Cracker Barrel….just becauseI don’t usually make it at home. Love pinto beans especially since my main diet focus now is Mediterranean due to not wanting to go on cholesterol lowering meds.


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