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Freshen Up Friday – Enjoying Adult Parent/Child Relationships



In the next couple weeks a significant birthday is coming my way.  My daughters came to me earlier this year, telling me that they were planning a Girl’s Weekend Away so we might celebrate my day together.


I was so touched by their thoughtfulness.  To think that ~

  1. They remembered it was going to be a significant birthday.
  2. They wanted to do something for me to celebrate it.
  3. They planned it all and simply invited me to join them.
  4. They wanted to spend a whole weekend together.

It was just a blessing that truly touched my heart.  I was surprised, excited and so grateful.

To tell you the truth, I also felt a little guilty about it because I know of other older moms Continue reading “Freshen Up Friday – Enjoying Adult Parent/Child Relationships”

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What Are You Looking For At Church?

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My love-hate relationship with Walmart started after a couple of “bad experiences.”  Irritable employees, obnoxious stock carts blocking the aisles, and a failure to meet what I thought they should do for their customers led me to constantly be frustrated when I endeavored to shop!  Each time I went it was almost as though I went looking for the irritants that just didn’t meet my standard for a pleasant shopping experience. Guess what?  When I went looking for those things, I always found them!  I’d point the accusing finger and say,

“See?!!!  There they are doing it again!!!”   

All this eventually caused me to leave Walmart for good and find another grocery store where I could shop and love it!

My grocery shopping experience/expectations can be a good illustration for our churches, too.  Continue reading “What Are You Looking For At Church?”