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Things I’m Loving This Fall

Fall brings some favorite things we don’t have the rest of the year.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’m especially loving this fall (though they’re not all seasonally related).  Look for the ARROW in the picture to see my favorite thing!

favorites 1
This Kroger Washing Machine Cleaner is really reasonably priced and does a GREAT job getting any residue out of the washing machine.  The rubber gaskets don’t get completely clean, but it’s much better.  Look at that shine inside! My mom recommended it to me, and I’m recommending it to you!
favorites 6a
It’s the time of year for the great flavored creams!  This one reminds me of Christmas because in years past, it was the only time you could get it.  Now it comes out in the fall.  Mmmm, it’s so good in my morning cup of coffee!!
favorites 2a
Yankee Candles have me all  smiles.  I love all their products!  I especially love their fall scents.  This one is Sugar and Spice and it goes great with any pumpkin scent I may have in another part of the house.  I love the apple burner.  You set a container into the burner, turn it on, and it melts in the plastic container.  So easy and no open flame.


favorites 4a
I’m still chalkboard crazy!  I had a mirror over my mantle all summer, but  I decided to put the chalkboard up and do a picture.  What is it about chalkboard art that makes a space so cozy?  I don’t know, maybe just the opportunity it gives me to be a little creative.  It might be tacky to some, but I love it on the mantle!


favorites 3a
My last love isn’t a thing, it’s a person.  It’s the man you see talking to our sweet neighbors that we love.  That man, my husband…loves people.  He has a burden for people.  Everywhere he goes, he’s looking to pour into people the love of Jesus, and I love that about him!  I snapped this picture from my laundry room window.  I loved looking out and seeing him chatting with the children.  They love him, too!

What are you enjoying this fall?  A new product?  A place you’ve visited?  A person who’s been a blessing?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Have a refreshing weekend as you attend a church that preaches the Word of God in Truth!  Our church will be celebrating its 61st anniversary this Sunday, so it will be a special day, and I’m looking forward to it!


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My Favorite Photos of the Week

Here’s the camera roll for the last week:

In the morniing chalkboard

I’ve changed some decor around after taking the Christmas beauty down.  Why can’t I just scribble and draw on my chalkboards every day?  It’s a favorite past time.  This saying is so true – Jesus…He’s what I need every.

bedroom mantle

This is my bedroom mantle.  I love the painting of the skaters.  My talented mom painted this – it’s only one of many she’s done. Yeah, I scribble – she paints!   I usually hang this over my piano for the winter months, but the aquas look so pretty in my bedroom, I decided to leave it in there.

paper box

My organized daughter, Whitney challenged me to get my wrapping box in order after the rush of Christmas caused it to be a disaster in disarray.  All the gift bags are stacked according to size and holiday, the ribbons are in one place and the tissue is on top.  She approved.  =)

winter mornings

I love winter mornings.  When we get up, it’s still plenty dark outside.  Inside it’s cozy with candles flickering and soft lights glowing.  I came downstairs for a second cup of coffee this week and found my husband reading his Bible  on his phone and Liza Jane waiting for a treat  bowing in prayer beside him. =^..^=


My daughter, Alli and I met in Jonesborough on Monday morning to catch up and chat at the cutest little coffee shop that’s recently opened in town.  I had my first Chai Latte.  It was delicious!   I hope it won’t be my last!

As I look back on these six photos, I see a thread –

~The joy of making the most of each day.

~Organizing to make tasks easier and more fun.

~Decorating, crafting and embellishing to create an inviting environment in our home.

~Simplicity that brings delight.

God is so good, so generous, and loving to allow eyes to see, hands to work, and hearts to love at home, my favorite place.

What have you enjoyed about home this week?

With love from my country home,