Three Ways to Make This the Best Christmas

I guess we could count these days as “Crunch Time” in regards to prepping for Christmas!  How are things going on your end?  Are your plans coming together?  Are the purchases all made, the cookies all baked and the gifts wrapped?  Maybe you simplified this year, so the answer is “Yes!”  Or you might be in the panic mode because you’re feeling the pressure of Christmas pressing in on you.

There are many things that make Christmas a time for upset stomachs and I don’t just mean the viruses going around!  I’m talking about the pressures and demands we put on ourselves and others and the relational tensions.  I thought about these scenarios and realized that there are three simple ways to reduce these hardships right now and turn this Christmas into one that will be remembered as the best yet!

Watch the video below for those three simple suggestions.

Which of these three do you need to work on most?


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Stress-free Accomplishments

tasks list 002

I’m not sure if there’s any better feeling than to have accomplished a long task list.  The pressure is relieved, and the daunting tasks are finished!  You can finally breathe!

But what about the hours, days, weeks or even months that led up to that accomplishment?  Can they be stress-free as well?  I’m here to say, YES, they can!  Anything from months of planning for a wedding, preparing for a conference or an upcoming vacation, or desiring to spring clean your whole house – there is a way to get it done without stressing over it.

Let me share with you my step by step process to accomplish any task I have, relatively stress-free.

I’ll show examples for how I’ve planned out this week to prepare for having guests here for Easter dinner.

1.  Write it down.  Write everything that you need to accomplish by said date.  Having it on paper is concrete and will       enable you to remember what needs to be finished and what you’ve already completed.

tasks list 003

2.  Assign each task a date.  Delegate a day/week/ or month to each task. Try to even out the tasks – don’t overload your schedule with more than you’ll really be able to accomplish in that time span.

tasks list 0043.  Check it off.  As you accomplish each task, check it off.  I love seeing those check marks!

4.  Do extra tasks if you have extra time.  If you have extra time after completing the assigned task, do any other task   you can.  For instance, my Friday on the schedule above looks pretty empty, because I know I might be having a guest over that day.  However, if I have extra time, I’ll go ahead and do a couple of the Saturday tasks, like making the tea or setting the table.

If you have a long-range event, write down what needs to be done.  Work backwards.  Go to the date of the event, and work back to today.  Assign each task a date, giving each week or month a job on your list. Give yourself some “wiggle room” by planning to have things done a little before the exact date it’s needed. Cross each task off the list when it gets done. Do extra tasks as you have time.  When the event arrives, you’ll realize that everything is finished, and you didn’t have to worry or rush to complete it!

A friend shared a quote with me from Adrian Rogers who said,

“There is enough time in every day
to gracefully do what God wants you to do.”

Jesus lived that out, didn’t He?  He was never rushed, frantic or stressed.  Plan so you won’t have to stress, but also rely on the Lord to give you the wisdom to know what to do and the grace to do it ~ Stress-free!

What do you do to lessen the stress in your life and accomplish your goals?  Does my plan seem do-able?

With love,