Packing for Home

This is a really late post this morning because I’ve been packing up to go home. Do you hear the whine in my voice? It’s there. Not because I don’t love home, but this vacation has been perfect, I love the beach, and the family time has been sweet. **Sigh**

I’ve noted something though- packing up to go home is a whole lot easier than packing to leave for vacation! There are no struggles about what to pack; I simply take back with me what I brought. It’s simple!

When we pack to go to our final home, it will be the same. We take with us what we brought into this life – nothing. I Timothy 6:7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. People that are near death due to illness or injury have a real grasp on that truth. Their lives become suddenly very simple. All the extra stuff doesn’t matter. Eternity comes into sharp view and they are not bogged down with all the extra baggage.

We could all take a lesson from that. Little things don’t matter. The little frustrations that come, the delays, the fussy child, the stress at work, the mess in the kitchen – it’s all extra baggage that we won’t worry about when we’re packing to go Home.

I trust you have secured your “ticket” to heaven. It’s only found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – by putting your faith in the sacrifice He made for you on the cross. By trusting in Him as your Savior, then, and only then will you be ready for the final trip.

Packing for home is easy, and I’m ready to go. How about you?

Secure in Him,

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