Thanksgiving Table Decor

Perhaps like myself, you’re doing some entertaining at Thanksgiving. In my planning ahead I’ve been thinking about the table and how I want to decorate it. Here are some great ideas I found on the Internet. Some are from Better Homes and Gardens, some from Country Living and another from a site called Digdigs. Check out these websites for all kinds of great ideas!

Here’s a simple hurricane globe, candle and leaves…
Love the napkin tie. Go gather some acorns and make this!

Here’s a cute idea for a place card.

I love this place card. It’s a personal note of thanks to the person who’s sitting there! Get out the card making supplies and have some fun with this one! I love it!

You could opt for cuteness…

Striking centerpieces using natural items…

What a fun craft on the right. This would be a cute decoration on “The children’s Table!” You could trace your child’s hand on fabric, or use a garden glove and do the same thing.

I love the centerpiece on the right. A pedestal holds up a pumpkin (probably one made from artificial materials), then ivy and greenery are added for softness.

Hope this gives you some good ideas for your table! See you in church Sunday.

With love,

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