Who Is Chained To You Today?

Friday is here!  You made it through the week!  Let me ask you, where has this week led you?  To the grocery store?  On an airplane?  Waiting in a line at the post office?  Seated in a lobby near strangers? What did those places mean to you?  How aware were you that those places were your opportunities to share the Gospel with others?

As believers, we have all probably been reminded many times that we need to be a witness for Christ.  This is the area  of my Chrisitian life that I feel weakest.  Why is it so hard to tell others of our wonderful Savior?  Many times I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I miss the who of the task.  If I’m shopping for groceries, I’m concentrating on my list, my coupons and the task at hand.  If I’m at the library, I’m thinking about what I’m looking for.  If I’m at home and a delivery is made or a worker comes to the house, I’m concerned about what they’re doing instead of what I can do for them.  I’m truly asking God to change my focus from me to others.  He’s used the Scriptures recently to reveal how to do that.

As I read recently about Paul in the book of Acts, I was struck by this thought – wherever he was, he saw the opportunity, not the task or problem.  His arrests didn’t anger him – he shared his testimony of his conversion!  His imprisonments didn’t stifle his ministry – they became his ministry!  The chains gave him the chance to be very close to a couple of men where he had their undivided attention.  He used those times to give the Gospel.  People’s lives were changed as a result!

So now, I’m asking the Lord to help me to be aware each day of those  who I am “chained to” that day.  If I have to wait in line somewhere, the people near me are “chained to me”!  I need to be ready to share the Gospel!  The girl who cleaned our hotel room this week was “chained to me”.  The person seated beside me on the airplane is “chained to me.”  I must be ready to share Jesus with them.  These folks can’t go anywhere, and a sovereign God put them in my path, and it is His will that I be obedient and tell them the Truth that will change their eternal destiny.  The reuslt?  Absolute joy!  I never go away sorry I told them!  Joy follows obedience!  If they trust Christ they won’t be sorry either!

So, who are you chained to today?  Don’t miss your opportunities to give the Gospel!

See you in church Sunday!

With love,

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