Love People – Not Things

Better is little with righteousness than great revenues without right. 

Proverbs 16:8
The world would say, “Oh really?!” to the previous verse, but if you have ever watched a family be destroyed because of misplaced priorities, you would see that the Lord is so gracious to give us this warning.  Things don’t:
  • last
  • love
  • linger
  • listen

but people do!

Many young people don’t understand that they cannot have what their parents have right now.  It took their parents years to have a roomy house, or a second car, or a savings account.  It’s not worth the sacrifice necessary to try to accumulate wealth.  It’s truly crazy unwise to exchange righteousness for things.  They’ll never satisfy.  If the Lord blesses you in years to come with any type of monetary wealth, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – just use it for Him.

Here’s the perfect illustration of a man whose life wasn’t about things – but people –

“The body of David Livingstone was buried in England where he was born, but his heart was buried in the Africa he loved. At the foot of a tall tree in a small African village the natives dug a hole and placed in it the heart of this man who they loved and respected. If your heart were to be buried in the place you loved most during life, where would it be? In your pocketbook? In an appropriate space down at the office? Where is your heart?”

With love,

One thought on “Love People – Not Things

  1. What a good reminder for those of us who are just starting out! My Dad always says “the more you have the more you have to clean and maintain and the less time you have to do what you enjoy.” So true!

    Always great words of wisdom!


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