A Peek Inside the Parsonage

It was a normal Sunday for us.  It consisted of:

  • Rising at 6:00 (for me – my husband was up before me; who knows what time? )
  • Leaving the house at 8:25 to be at the church for 8:30 pre-service prayer meeting
  • Head to Sunday school
  • Morning service
  • Teacher’s meeting after service
  • Lunch at home
  • Blogging for Monday’s post
  • Nap – Always on Sunday! =)
  • Head to church at 6:15 to practice special music for evening service
  • 6:30 evening service
  • 8:00 Business meeting
  • Fellowship with folks after service.  Talk, laugh, encourage, be encouraged…
  • 8:45 arrive home

Allison was home for this Sunday.  When we entered the door Sunday evening she looked at us and said, “No wonder you’re tired!”  We looked at each other bewildered.  Sure, we’re tired at the end of a Sunday, but aren’t most people our age after a full day?  We were no more tired this Sunday evening than any other time – as a matter of fact, we probably had more energy than previous weeks!

As I’ve thought about her comment, I’ve been reminded of the truth that God equips you for whatever He has called you to do.  When others shake their heads and wonder “how you do that!” it’s because they haven’t been called to do that ministry, job or task, and therefore don’t have the grace and enablement from the Lord to do it as you do.

Ministry is busy and it can be tiring, but God’s grace is abundant, as my husband preached about last week.  He energizes us at times when we are weak.  He gives wisdom when we cry out for it.  He takes our burden when we pray and give it to Him. 

Those inside the parsonage are grateful for the prayers of God’s people!  Praying church members are another means that keep us moving forward in the ministry to which the Lord has called us! Thank you, to all of you that uphold us before the Throne of Grace!

When God calls, He equips and enables.  Remind yourself of that for whatever the Lord has called you to do today.  Through Him, you can do all things! 

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13

From my parsonage windows,

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