Step Back

…continued from Tuesday

Yesterday as my husband and I were returning home from our morning walk, I saw a couple pieces of trash in our front yard.  I crossed down into the driveway and over into the lawn to retrieve the fast food cup and what I thought was a piece of paper.  I gingerly picked up the trash and was headed to the trash can when my husband said, “Let me see that.”  Taking a closer look he said, “This is the empty package for synthetic drugs!” I would have never picked it up, had I known what it was! I had just recently learned that synthetic drugs are legal at this time, and they give the “buzz” that the real drugs give.    Sadly, it was called Mary’s Joy. It’s sad that people think a drug can give them joy.  I stared at it in disbelief.  How ironic that this synthetic drug had such a name!

My mind went to Mary in Luke 10 – the Mary from Bethany who had welcomed Jesus into her living room, but more importantly into her heart.  She had joy – real joy at Jesus’ feet as she worshipped Him and listened to Him teach on that day.   There is nothing synthetic about joy that Jesus Christ gives when we worship Him!  It is true, lasting and deep joy that the world cannot manufacture, nor can they take it away! 

The next step to being cured from worry and anxiety is making sure that our lives line up each day with what Christ wants us to do.  Therefore, we must take a step back.  We step back so we can get a better perspective.  We step back and ask :

  • Lord do I have the load in my wagon You want in there? In other words, am I doing only what you want me to do today?
  • Have I added a load that You didn’t intend for me to carry?
  • Am I carrying others’ loads? Johanna Weaver says, “Nothing is harder to bear than a burden we’re not called to carry.” Sometimes we get tired because we’re carrying things the Lord never intended for us to carry. 

If we’ve picked up someone else’s load, we need to put it down.   Also, if we see that the Lord has given us a load and we’ve neglected it, it’s time to obey and carry it.  Nothing is emptier than a life that doesn’t serve.  Because the Lord has done so much for us, we should want to serve Him!  We must be faithful and not set that ministry down for someone else to have to come along and pick up because of our negligence.  Johanna Weaver says, “20% of the church does 80% of the work.”  That wouldn’t happen if we each asked the Lord what He wants us to do and then did it!

We also need to ask:

  • Am I carrying my load in the correct order?  Too often we get things misplaced.  Instead of putting our worship of Christ first in our day, we run hither and yon, doing this and that, carrying boulders we weren’t supposed to carry yet.  Then at the end of the day we’re too exhausted to sit at Jesus’ feet.  If we would have put in worship in our day first, all our other steps would be directed by His hand.  All along the day we need to ask:  Lord, do you want me to do this now?  He will show you and He will order your day in such a way that you will not be worried or upset, like Martha was!

After asking all these good questions, we then need to adjust.  Reorder your priorities.  Remove what shouldn’t be in your life and add those things that should be, as the Lord has directed you.  You know what the result will be?  You’ll be cured!  Your anxieties will be lifted.  If an interruption comes in your day, you’ll see that it was ordered by the Lord.  There’s peace there, my friend!  The Lord Himself will help you carry the load He has given you.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light!

What truths have pricked your heart?  Are you doing a good thing that isn’t what God has called you to do?  Are you doing things instead of spending time at His feet first?  Is your load out of order?  Stop and confess this to the Lord now and feel the burden lift!

With love, 

2 thoughts on “Step Back

  1. Thank you, Denise, for the reminder to carry only the load God has given me. I love the picture of the container full of heavy rocks… cause sometimes life sure feels like that! At those times I need to just ask The Lord to take the burdens.

    You know the story… and the burdens are not of our own doing.

    And you know what, I still adore my Heavenly Father! I still trust Him and share the triumphs and the sorrows. Its life. Its the life God has given to Steve and me.

    And today is an AWESOME day! And I'm so grateful!


  2. Yes, Debby, your load seems great. Remind yourself that the Lord Himself is helping you bear that burden. He has one handle of your rock-filled cart, and you have the other. Psalm 42 was such a comfort to me yesterday as my load got heavy. Perhaps it would strengthen you today, too.
    Love you, Friend.


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