Are You Snowed Under?


Michigan snows came plentifully in my childhood.  The depths were overwhelming, often measuring more than a yard stick.  Stepping off the porch of our house, I would take a step forward, lifting my booted foot high in the air to take the next stride.  Snow would slide down inside my boot, sending silvery shivers from my heel to my toes.  One winter the snow was so plentiful, that my sweet dad made a tunnel in one of the drifts; creating an igloo out of the depth of the icy precipitation.

These are the kinds of winters that you could call being “snowed under.”  It was plentiful; it was all around us.  We could not escape it.  It hid the green earth for months.  It was our world until the warmth of springtime finally emerged.

Have you ever considered the idea that you might be “snowed under” the focus of a wrong ambition?  Everywhere you turn, This is on your mind.  This is what drives you.  This distracts you from the real goal: –  obedience to the Word of God and eternity.

C. S. Lewis said,

“I must keep alive in myself the desire for my true country, which I shall not find till after death; I must never let it get snowed under or turned aside; I must make it the main object of life to press on to that other country and to help others to do the same.”

You cannot watch someone die without doing a lot of thinking about your own life, and what awaits you, personally, after this life is over.  I don’t want to get “snowed under” so that I’m not realizing that this life is preparation for the next.  Whatever I put my hands to today should be influenced by the understanding that  just as spring is coming soon to the Michiganders, heaven and eternity are just beyond for us.  It is healthy for us to think about heaven – our future home on a regular basis.

As I watched my mother-in-law living out her last days, I asked the Lord to help me to make my days fruitful for His honor and glory.  I want my life to count for the Lord, not so I can gain an entrance into heaven, but because I have His promise that I’m going there some day, and I want to lay up treasures there for His honor and glory.  I don’t want to get “snowed under” all the other stuff of this life and lose my perspective.

Our Sunday school teacher put it this way last Sunday –

Don’t fear failure.  Fear being successful at something that doesn’t really matter.

  • ·        Young woman, don’t spend more time pouring over your phone, Facebook and Pinterest than you do God’s Word.
  • ·  Moms, don’t care more keeping a spotless house than you do teaching your children about the God that loves them and has a purpose for their lives.
  • ·  Ladies, don’t sit and worry about the hurts and heartaches you’re facing – go find someone to pour your life into.
  • ·  Friend, make today count for eternity.  

Don’t get snowed under!

With love,

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