A Peek Inside the Parsonage

A little more than a week ago was my husband’s birthday.  As is our tradition, he got breakfast in bed!  I fixed one his favorite meals – Eggs Benedict, set it on a tray, then snapped the picture above and posted it on Facebook with my birthday greetings to my parson.  It wasn’t long before a friend sent me a message saying,

“I see many devotionals right in this one picture Denise, for instance…
the cup that HE would like not just one you thought was pretty.”

I had to smile when I read that because the thought about the cup did indeed pass through my mind.  We have a “Happy Birthday” mug that we always pull out for the birthday honoree’, and I remember lifting my hand up to the cupboard where that mug was stored, but then stopped short, thinking, “I know he’d much rather use his new UK mug than that little cup.”  I withdrew my hand from the cupboard and instead, poured the steamy liquid into his favorite mug.  
It’s just a little thing, but isn’t it all the little things that can add up to big things?  It’s the little irritants that can drive a spouse to distraction, and likewise, the little gestures of thoughtfulness are even more important.  I wish I could say I do that consistently. I don’t. It takes each of us mindfully thinking, 
  • What would he like?
  • How can I serve him today?  
  • What is his favorite (food, leisure activity, movie, dessert, restaurant, gift)?
The world makes us believe it’s all about me, but that’s not what the Scripture says. Instead we are to, (Let each) esteem others better than themselves. Phil. 2:3

These are just little things, but they can change a marriage.  So, what can you do today to show your husband that you care more about what he wants than what pleases you?  
From the parsonage windows,

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