Happy Marriage Secrets

I have the blessing of having parents who have been married more than 55 years. Next month marks their 59th anniversary. Some may ask, “What’s their secret?” I think they do have a few. Let me tell you what I witnessed growing up and seeing their “secrets” firsthand.

I took this pic last year during the dinner blessing at my parents’ home.
I don’t think they even know I have this photo…until now.  =)
Isn’t this so sweet?

  • I have watched my parents truly love one another all my life.
    • They never used the threat of divorce when things got tough; it was never an option. They stuck it out through differences, learning to forgive.
    • They were tender and affectionate towards one another. They outwardly displayed their affection, and spoke their love to one another, saying, “I love you.”
    • They did things together because they truly enjoyed being with one another. My dad has said many times that he knew men at his job that would hang around work after it was time to go home. “Not me!” he would say. “I left as soon as it was quitting time.” I know that my mom also made our home a place he was anxious to get home to. Dinner was ready when he got there, and so was she; pretty and smiling at the door.
  • I always saw them serving one another.
    • My mom often finds my dad when he’s working to bring him a glass of tea or water.
    • My dad took over many of the household duties when he retired, saying that my mom needed to have a retirement, too!
    • They had the philosophy that a marriage isn’t 50/50; it’s 100/100. That’s how they both approached the workload in the home.
    • My dad brings my mom her morning coffee, roasts a marshmallow over the fireplace in the dead of winter, or pops her favorite snack of popcorn in the evening.
    • Mom has always been Dad’s shopper – buying new slacks, shoes or ties when needed. She keeps his clothes washed, ironed (yes, ironed!) and mended.
  • I have seen them both love the Lord – always.
    • We never dove into meals without first stopping to thank the Lord, as in the picture above.
    • They have been faithful church members, going to church together and serving up until it was difficult to do so. They still attend as they’re able; also giving to their local body.
    • They have both been in the Word of God individually as well. They have recently been on a plan to read through the Bible in a year.
    • They love the preaching of the Word by godly radio preachers and listen during the week.
    • They have always talked of the Lord and their trust in Him – even in this changing world.
      • Their walk with God was the basis and most important part of their “togetherness”. It is what makes them truly one!

Anything that I shared using a past tense verb is only referencing my growing up years, because all of these things are still effective in their marriage today. Want to be married for 59 years? Follow their great and godly example. I’m trying by God’s grace to do the same.

What secrets will your children see in your marriage? 

With love,

5 thoughts on “Happy Marriage Secrets

  1. Yes, Denise you and your family have been truly Blessed. I'm proud to say I know and love each and everyone of you. You and Pastor C. have been a wonderful example of a Godly marriage to both John and I, I wish I had grown up as you did, but unfortunately I wasn't as fortunate as you. But The Lord allowed me to see what a Godly marriage should be like through you guys and my x-in-laws. I pray that John and I exhibit this too others. God Bless you all.


  2. What a surprise, I didn't know about the picture you took of us during our meal time prayer. Thank you for the accolades, the glory goes to our Lord and Savior. We really have loved our years together. Dad and I both prayed that the Lord would lead us to our soul mate, and he surely did. We have had many bumps along the way, but the Lord took care of us and still does. Thanks for the blog, we are humbled.


  3. Whitney, I cried while writing it. When your heart overflows, sometimes your eyes do too.

    Thank you, Becky. I'm thankful for any way we might have helped you. Isn't God good…we get to enjoy marriage and in the same time encourage others!

    Mom, Scripture says to give honor to whom honor is due, that's what I desired to do in this tribute. I am so grateful for all you and Dad have shown us by your example.
    I love you both!


  4. What better way to learn of love than to learn it from your parents, right? The secrets you learned from them are really helpful. To truly love one another, in my opinion, is one of the greatest secrets to conquer love and time. People might say that love ages as well, but this will never happen if you truly love one another. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! 🙂

    Brandi Kennedy @ Restoration Counseling


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