Freshen Up Friday

The last day of February is here!  You know what that means?  Spring is officially here in 21 days!  March 20th marks its official arrival.  Soooo, what shall we do to prepare?

I’m not ready to pull out my bunnies and colored eggs, but I do like to bring out some silk flowers and colors in my home that will lighten things back up and get ready for the warmer season that is surely ahead!

Some silks are cheap looking, and are a no-go, but succulents look artificial even in their live state, so they are winners in silk!  I had the blessing of getting to walk through Biltmore’s greenhouses last weekend.  Look what they had there…

 These succulents were live, but silk ones would be easier to care for, and would look just as real!  The wreath is covered in Spanish moss, then the plants were popped in around.  Love this!  It’s not too springy, but gives a fresh look.

Here’s another great idea!  If you have a bird cage or perhaps a large tin lantern, you could place some silk tulips inside for a great addition of color.

Look around and see what little additions you could make to what you already have just to bring a bit of life to the inside of your home.  Then sit back and pray for spring!!!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

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