Be a "Good Thing"

Last weekend was a lovely event – Alli’s wedding shower at our church.  Her sister is going to be her matron of honor, so she helped with some of the planning and orchestrating of this lovely event.  In lieu of a devotional, she wrote to ladies beforehand and asked them for advice that they would want to share with Alli regarding marriage.  There was much wisdom and godly advice written and tucked away inside a notebook, for Alli’s keeping.

The whole project was a secret from me so as to be a surprise.  I loved it.  I was given the encouragement to add my advice to the notebook in the days following the shower.  Wow.  To sit and ponder what brief advice I’d give to a new bride is a little mind boggling.  I can’t write a book; this is to be a page!  Then I thought back to a proverb I had read just last week –

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing,
    and obtaineth favour of the Lord.
Proverbs 18:22

A “good thing?”  That’s what the Scripture says!  That doesn’t mean we’re just an object, but it indicates that how we respond as a wife is to be a good thing to our husband. The way we treat him, love him and speak to him is to be a good thing.  He might even have the response, “Wow!  It’s a good thing the Lord brought her into my life!  Where would I be without her?”

I think it’s essential, too, to see that it doesn’t say, “A wife who turns her husband into a good thing obtains favor of the Lord”!  You and I, as wives, are to focus more on being the best wife, rather than having the best husband.  If I focus on my attitudes, words and actions then I can be a good thing.  If I’m more concerned about how I can bless my husband than how he can be a blessing to me, I’m a good thing!  If I treat him the way I would want to be treated, goodness is the name of my game!

So, Alli, my advice to you is, “Be a good thing” to Andrew.  Focus on being the best wife, rather than having the best husband.  The cool thing about that is, the latter is usually always the result of the former!

May others say of each of us that are married, “You’re his wife?  Wow!  What  a good thing!”

With love,

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