A Peek From My Porch

What’s more fun than a shower?  A wedding or baby shower is just a special occasion and deserves some extra special touches.  A bride or a new mommy needs a little pampering and doting on!  We had fun getting ready for Alli’s shower last weekend.  I got to help with the decorations (a favorite hobby!).  I got some good inspiration from Pinterest, of course!  Here are some shots of the what we put together…

Rather than using a lattice background that we typically use at church, I thought we’d go with something unique.  I used about 1 1/2 rolls of each color of crepe paper, making this background cost under $10 with the balloons.


The gym walls are carpeted, so it was easy to staple the crepe paper streamers into place.  I did 11 streamers in the middle (white) section, then 10 of the yellow and silver on either side.  It made the background about 9 feet wide.  Creating a header with the balloons covered the top of the paper, so it doesn’t matter if they’re not perfectly straight!  The balloons were blown up ( we were dizzy headed after that!), then tied into groups of three, and stapled into place.

The chalkboard was part of my gift to Alli.  It was an old picture that was faded and dated.  I painted it with a few coats of chalkboard paint.  The brown frame was sanded, then painted with acrylic paints.

 These block were also painted with chalkboard paint, so the words can be changed to say whatever the bride would like – “Welcome to our home!”  “Happy Resurrection Day!” or “Merry Christmas!”

Their wedding invitation was placed on a frame that was backed with burlap.
A talented lady in our church did these White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes.  They were delicious and lovely.  There are several variations of the wedding dress cupcake display, but I love how she used the daisies on the bodice.
Liza had to send her regrets that she couldn’t make it to the shower,
but she did enjoy the decorations while she could!
These tissue paper pom poms are a cinch to make.  I cut a rectangle of 6 layers of paper about 8 inches by 6 inches, then accordion folded it and tied it in the middle with ribbon.  I fluffed each side of the paper out, one layer at a time.  I strung them on a long ribbon to create a garland for the gift table and the chalkboard.
I hope these ideas inspire you for the next party or shower you get to decorate!  It’s fun to get a little creative, use the colors the bride is using at the wedding, and her other favorite interests.  It will make an event she won’t forget!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek! 

With love from my country porch,

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