Freshen Up Friday

My view while swinging

We have had the most wonderful and welcomed springtime weather this week in East Tennessee!  It was in the high 70’s for several days.  I loved sitting out on the front rockers and the back swing while breathing in the sweet spring air!  However, that sunshine also shows the grime of winter that is lingering in lots of places!  To get ready for springtime may I suggest to you some things I’ve been inspired to freshen up?  Mind you, this isn’t just a list of spring cleaning chores; these are things that need refreshing.

  • Wipe down the patio table and chairs, as well as any other outdoor furniture such as rockers.  
  • Give the gas grill a cleaning inside and out.
  • Sweep off the porches.  If you come in through the garage or the side door, make sure to take a walk around to your front door to clean up what your guests will see.  
  • Rake up the residue of leaves in your yard and also sweep them off the porch, driveway and sidewalks.
  • Check to see if you could use a fresh welcome mat.
In the bedrooms:
  • When you change your sheets this week, also wash the mattress pads, pillow shams and blankets.
  • Straighten up your closet and dresser drawers.  
  • Gather the things you didn’t wear this winter and get it ready to take to Goodwill.
  • Pack up your heavy sweaters and out of season clothes and check your spring jackets to make sure they’re clean and have all the buttons.
  • Wipe out your dresser drawers and refresh them with nice smelling sachets.
  • Replace your heavy drapes with something lighter to let the sunshine in!
In the kitchen:
  • Be sure to begin checking out your local Farmer’s Market for fresh herbs and produce!
  • Get some small herbs to grow inside on your kitchen windowsill.
  • Add some springy touches to your table – spring-colored placemats or a pastel tablecloth.  
  • Fill a jar with Easter eggs for a centerpiece.
  • Put away your winter mugs (you know, the ones with Christmas decor on them) and pull out some that are white or at least non-winter!

There’s lots to do in a house when the warmer temps arrive!  Hope this inspires you to get started!

Be refreshed!

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