Awesome God ~ Answered Prayer

Well, this was supposed to be published for Tuesday, April 8, 2014, but was posted on Monday…

Last night when I looked out my bedroom window and saw the sky pictured above, I was reminded of my awesome God who created what I was looking at.  The clouds kept changing as they glided across the hillside. It was breathtaking.  Had I painted on a canvas a picture of a sunset with clouds, it would have resembled a kindergarten rendition of the hills lopped together in the middle, little puffy clouds, and a half sun between the slopes.  Pretty lame.  I cannot reproduce what my God can do.  He is awesome!

While viewing the brilliant sky, my next thought was about the answers to prayer that God had wrought that very day!  Not one, but two specific answers to prayer in one day.  Huge requests.  Huge answers. Long-time requests!  The day before that, God answered another one that I’d prayed about for months.  He indeed is an awesome God who is alive and at work in our lives every single day.

Sometimes we question His working because we cannot see.  The clouds we see in our sky aren’t so beautiful.  As a matter of fact, the sky is dark and dismal.  The sun isn’t shining anywhere – not in the sky; not in our hearts.  “Where are you, Lord?  Do you not hear?  Do you not see?”  Then one day we look up and we can hardly believe our eyes.  The answer has come.  We bow in humble adoration, and also shame that we did not trust.  All the time we were doubting, our God was at work doing what we could not see so that He alone might get the glory.  It’s amazing.  It’s perfect!  It’s done very unlike we would have accomplished it with our Kindergarten crayons.  God answered in supernatural ways because, after all, He is a supernatural God! In my situation, I watched Him answer in the things which “I knew not” (Jer. 33:3).

I’m praising God for my answers to prayer.  There are still many for which I’m waiting for the Lord to take care of, but I know He will – and in marvelous ways.  Why?  Because He promised and because He’s an awesome God!

Keep praying. Keep waiting.   Keep watching.  

Are you praying about a need?  I’d be happy to pray with you. I don’t even need to know the need.  Are you rejoicing in answered prayer too?  I’d love to hear!

Because of our awesome God,

4 thoughts on “Awesome God ~ Answered Prayer

  1. Thank you Denise I needed this this morning. God has answered so many prayers for me. I too have other prayers that have not been answered yet, but I am waiting and watching. Thank you for this encouragement. Love you


  2. It's my prayer that this praise post will indeed encourage the hearts of others who are looking to their God for an answer that only He can fulfill!


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