Freshen Up Friday

Yesterday I had a few stops to make at some stores, picking up the weekly sales on toothpaste at Walgreens, stocking my pantry with items at Big Lots, and grabbing a few needed grocery items at Ingles.  More than once I heard, “Have a good Easter!”  When I hear the word “Easter” my heart jumps and leaps like the lame man Jesus healed!  Easter!!! My response was –  “You better believe I’ll have a good Easter!  I celebrate it every day of the year as I realize that Jesus died and then rose from the dead.  That fact makes a difference in every single day of my life!”  One lady chimed in with me, “Oh, isn’t that the truth!”  (a believer’s response).  Another woman looked at me like I was claiming to be the Easter bunny (an unbeliever’s response).  However, it gave me a chance to witness to her of the hope that lies within me!

Can I encourage you to refresh someone else this Friday through Saturday?  As you’re out doing your shopping and preparations for the weekend and your normal errands, or talking with your neighbors, and they wish you a “Happy Easter,” tell them why you’re sure to have a happy Easter!  It’s not because the snow is melting and it’s a pretty day, or because you have a new dress to wear, or because your

mother-in-law has invited you over to her house for a ham dinner – it’s because Jesus lives!  Be prepared to give the Gospel. This weekend is celebrating the fact that our Savior rose from the tomb!!!  Let’s share it and refresh others with that Truth!

Be refreshed!  Oh, and Happy Easter!  =)

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