A Peek From My Porch

Last Thursday through Saturday was a time away for a retreat.  This was a special group of pastor’s wives. We all need uplifting times, but ministry life can be especially draining, and these ladies came hungry for encouragement.  The weekend together was planned by the hosts to be fun, restful and spiritually uplifting.

The mountain setting was gorgeous, and we had fall weather that made it even more cozy.  They lit the fireplace in the lodge where we had our meetings.  That was wonderful!  The food prepared for us was done by a volunteer.  Let’s just say we had comfort foods all weekend.  Yum.

I met new friends and enjoyed chatting and sharing our hearts.  We prayed together, laughed together and cried a bit, too.

My roommate just happened to be my daughter, since she’s now a pastor’s wife.  We had a fun time together.  How sweet to share this time with her.  She was our musician, playing the keyboard and her guitar for our singing times.

I taught five sessions from I Kings 17-22 about the life of Elijah.  I’ve been doing a study on him for almost a year, and the Lord has taught me so much using this servant. He and I have become good friends!  He had some great times of service for God, but also struggled at times.  It struck a chord in my own heart because that’s just like me!  Ups and downs are a part of all of our lives, but there was a prevailing theme in his life, and it was the times he spent alone with God.  The greatest lesson I learned while studying is that the greatest part of my life isn’t about the times out in public when people see me serving and doing “great things for God.”  The most important part is the part no one else sees; when I’m hiding away with my God, talking to Him and hearing from Him.  Oh, that the hidden part may consume more of my time!

I’m back home once again and reveling in a loving God who speaks to me ~ on the mountain top and also on my country porch.

With love,

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