The Richest Family

When we were raising our girls, times were very hard.  Financially we literally lived from day to day.  Bills were bathed in prayer and paid by prayer.

We didn’t go on fancy vacations.  We rode bikes, played board games, and made the most of the amusements the Lord sent.  Fallen leaves were our trampoline, a snowfall our Disney World.  The playhouse built by Pappa was the place for fantasy and fun.  We shared cups of hot chocolate in its warmth, set it up as a Little House on the Prairie mercantile and used it for themed birthday parties.  Reading books under the huge Maple trees in the yard took us on outings with the Boxcar children Henry Huggins and missionaries.

I fixed lots of meals of beans and cornbread.  Freeze Pops in the freezer were hidden away for the times when the ice cream truck came jingling down our street.  We somehow managed to make the girls think they were getting the better treat than something sold on a truck.  Breakfasts in our tree house on Easter morning, Little Debbie cakes savored in front of the freshly decorated Christmas tree accompanied by steaming cups hot cocoa, and marshmallows toasted at our backyard campfire made us the envy of the other children on the street.

Every Sunday and Wednesday found us loading up our van to head to church where the best treasure was found.  Their daddy preached God’s Word.  Their mommy sang.  Sometimes we would sing as a family one of the songs we’d worked on at home during family devotions.   Our girls began serving in their church by playing their piano pieces, first as the offertory, then eventually as our accompanists for congregational singing.  We saw people turn to Christ in our little country church and it made the sacrifice worth it all.

As a family, we didn’t own much, but our hearts were full, very, very full.  In truth, we weren’t poor; we were rich with a wealth money cannot buy and people dream about owning.  We were a family who loved God and raised our family in His Word, His church and by trusting Him daily, and that was more than enough.  We were the Richest Family.

With love,

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