Make Time To Create Memories

Soooo, how’s your holiday preparation coming?  As I admitted last week, I’ve felt quite behind after being away, but I had the blessing of help in the kitchen yesterday!  Alli offered to come over and help me so I could be free to enjoy this week.

We had so much fun in the kitchen together!  It reminded me of all the years in the past baking with my girls; sprinkles and flour flying faster than glitter in a snow globe!  Baking with someone else just makes it so much more fun!

It make take you longer, and it may make a bigger mess for you if you let your little children help you, but those cookies decorated with their little hands will taste the best!  The dough they roll out will be the prettiest because they will have created a memory snapshot in their heart and in yours!

As you finish up your preparations this week, be sure not to let the stress of all you have to do rob you of time to create special moments with your children.  When they’re grown like mine are, you’ll welcome them back into the kitchen where you’ll laugh at the funny things that happened when they were small.  The warmth in your kitchen will be from something far more special than the 350 degree oven; it will come from what you shared together during their childhood.

Make time to create memories this week!

With love and a sprinkling of colored sugars,

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