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Adding Fragrance and Light To Your Home

When anyone walks into our homes, their senses give them a quick survey of the atmosphere.  If it’s dark, gloomy, and smells of moth balls they may turn and run! However, if there’s a warm glow with light, and it smells fragrant and fresh, they’ll feel welcome.

I told you earlier this week about my sweet friend who keeps me supplied in the latest Yankee Candle products – well, this week she brought me a tart warmer.  I love it, because its ceramic base is pretty, but it doesn’t jump out at you.  There’s a little toggle plug on it that lights up (see below) to remind you it’s on, and the tart melts inside a plastic container, so you don’t have to mess with the melted wax in order to get it out.

The scent that is burning in mine is a pumpkin something-or-other, and it smells heavenly!  No flames, or dangers that way.  I have it sitting on my desk and it fills the house with its fragrance.  I highly recommend these!

Yankee Tart warmer

Here’s what it looks like with the melted wax.

The tart melts into a plastic cup; no scraping the wax out!

I have told you all before that I have to have lots of light in my home.  Curtains are opened first thing in the morning, as well as the front door so  the sunshine can spill inside!

Now that it gets dark so early in the evening, I have lots of little lights burning all over the house.  I had one dark spot that was a problem, and that was my foyer.  There’s no outlet there, so I can’t plug in a lamp.  I have burned candles on my foyer table when I have guests, but I don’t want to burn one all the time.  I needed some kind of light.  THEN IT HIT ME!  LED lights that are on sale for Christmas will be perfect!

A LED candle in my foyer

These candles are really bright.  They are what I have in the front windows of my house.  I burn them all year long to light our house up on our country road.  Whatever time you put the batteries in is when they’ll turn on each day and will burn for many hours – perfect for daylight savings time!  I love how it brightened up the foyer.

Just the right amount of light!

If you need a light in a place where there’s no outlet, grab an LED candle now while the Christmas decor is out.  It seems they sell out quickly, so grab them while you can!  I got mine for $4 at Big Lots.

I’m a fanatic about light and smell in my home.  What’s important to you about your home?

With love,


8 thoughts on “Adding Fragrance and Light To Your Home

  1. I love anything that doesn’t plug in so I may have to try and find those candles here in Canada. I, too, like lots of light, but I don’t like big electric bills, haha. And I have been burning essential oils in a little tea light diffuser and have a night light plug-in ordered (a birthday gift). I love when homes have a sweet smell to them.


  2. Hi Denise, I met you at Forest Glen Bible Camp in Nova Scotia where you were the speaker for a ladies retreat in the spring. I so enjoyed getting to know you and hearing the messages God had placed on your heart. I still have them and read them every so often.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put into your posts. I look forward to them every day and they encourage my heart. I wanted you to know because sometimes we don’t tell people how much we appreciate them.
    I, too, am a light and smell sensory person. I have some of those LED candles but I have only used them at Christmas. Thank you for the idea of using them all the time. I have two small Christmas trees and one medium size one that I keep up all year round, without decorations, just for the quiet ambiance they give, especially after a hard day.
    Thanks again, Know that you are loved and appreciated as a sister in the Lord. Blessings!


    1. How sweet of you to write and encourage me, Elaine! Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for the letting me know that the retreat sessions were helpful to you. I have such wonderful memories from my times at Forest Glen! What a joy to serve with you all there! Thanks again for taking time to write!


  3. What kind of man does not plan an outlet for a foyer???lol Men just do not stop to think that we ladies have our needs and multiple outlets are on that list! I do like your solution! I would not have thought of an LED candle. Like you, I have several small lamps I turn on now that the days are darker. I like candles as well as my essential oil diffuser. The other day a workman came to the house and told me he liked the smell…that day I was diffusing.


    1. I won’t complain, Arlene – the builders filled my house with wonderful closets! I’ll take that over an outlet in the foyer!
      How kind of the workman to notice your home’s fragrance! It does make a difference!


  4. I am a fanatic about light and smells as well. I used to burn candles but now I use a diffuser with essential oils and my family and other people LOVE it!! I have always believed that the smell and light sets the atmosphere!! I have always wanted my home to feel like anyone who walks in the door could kick off their shoes and get comfy on the couch!

    My foyer also has no outlet! I like the comment above. Men should ask women about such things before they build! I am definitely going to look for these battery operated lights. Do you know approximately how long the battery life is?

    Thanks for another heart and home warming post!!


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