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Things I’m Loving This Fall

Fall brings some favorite things we don’t have the rest of the year.  I thought I’d share some of the things I’m especially loving this fall (though they’re not all seasonally related).  Look for the ARROW in the picture to see my favorite thing!

favorites 1
This Kroger Washing Machine Cleaner is really reasonably priced and does a GREAT job getting any residue out of the washing machine.  The rubber gaskets don’t get completely clean, but it’s much better.  Look at that shine inside! My mom recommended it to me, and I’m recommending it to you!
favorites 6a
It’s the time of year for the great flavored creams!  This one reminds me of Christmas because in years past, it was the only time you could get it.  Now it comes out in the fall.  Mmmm, it’s so good in my morning cup of coffee!!
favorites 2a
Yankee Candles have me all  smiles.  I love all their products!  I especially love their fall scents.  This one is Sugar and Spice and it goes great with any pumpkin scent I may have in another part of the house.  I love the apple burner.  You set a container into the burner, turn it on, and it melts in the plastic container.  So easy and no open flame.


favorites 4a
I’m still chalkboard crazy!  I had a mirror over my mantle all summer, but  I decided to put the chalkboard up and do a picture.  What is it about chalkboard art that makes a space so cozy?  I don’t know, maybe just the opportunity it gives me to be a little creative.  It might be tacky to some, but I love it on the mantle!


favorites 3a
My last love isn’t a thing, it’s a person.  It’s the man you see talking to our sweet neighbors that we love.  That man, my husband…loves people.  He has a burden for people.  Everywhere he goes, he’s looking to pour into people the love of Jesus, and I love that about him!  I snapped this picture from my laundry room window.  I loved looking out and seeing him chatting with the children.  They love him, too!

What are you enjoying this fall?  A new product?  A place you’ve visited?  A person who’s been a blessing?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Have a refreshing weekend as you attend a church that preaches the Word of God in Truth!  Our church will be celebrating its 61st anniversary this Sunday, so it will be a special day, and I’m looking forward to it!


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Adding Fragrance and Light To Your Home

When anyone walks into our homes, their senses give them a quick survey of the atmosphere.  If it’s dark, gloomy, and smells of moth balls they may turn and run! However, if there’s a warm glow with light, and it smells fragrant and fresh, they’ll feel welcome.

I told you earlier this week about my sweet friend who keeps me supplied in the latest Yankee Candle products – well, this week she brought me a tart warmer.  I love it, because its ceramic base is pretty, but it doesn’t jump out at you.  There’s a little toggle plug on it that lights up (see below) to remind you it’s on, and the tart melts inside a plastic container, so you don’t have to mess with the melted wax in order to get it out.

The scent that is burning in mine is a pumpkin something-or-other, and it smells heavenly!  No flames, or dangers that way.  I have it sitting on my desk and it fills the house with its fragrance.  I highly recommend these!

Yankee Tart warmer

Here’s what it looks like with the melted wax.

The tart melts into a plastic cup; no scraping the wax out!

I have told you all before that I have to have lots of light in my home.  Curtains are opened first thing in the morning, as well as the front door so  the sunshine can spill inside!

Now that it gets dark so early in the evening, I have lots of little lights burning all over the house.  I had one dark spot that was a problem, and that was my foyer.  There’s no outlet there, so I can’t plug in a lamp.  I have burned candles on my foyer table when I have guests, but I don’t want to burn one all the time.  I needed some kind of light.  THEN IT HIT ME!  LED lights that are on sale for Christmas will be perfect!

A LED candle in my foyer

These candles are really bright.  They are what I have in the front windows of my house.  I burn them all year long to light our house up on our country road.  Whatever time you put the batteries in is when they’ll turn on each day and will burn for many hours – perfect for daylight savings time!  I love how it brightened up the foyer.

Just the right amount of light!

If you need a light in a place where there’s no outlet, grab an LED candle now while the Christmas decor is out.  It seems they sell out quickly, so grab them while you can!  I got mine for $4 at Big Lots.

I’m a fanatic about light and smell in my home.  What’s important to you about your home?

With love,