Dinners of Herbs

This old post will encourage you about the truth that it doesn’t take things to make a happy home.


Okay, I feel old. I recently watched one of our “family videos.”  Yes. Video.  It was one of those that was taken long enough ago that everyone laughs at your hairstyle and clothing choices.  It was hilarious from a style standpoint, but thought-provoking from the reality standpoint.

I watched as these two fairly young parents (I was still in my 30’s) interacted with their daughters.  We were not on the streets of Disney World or on the deck of our cruise liner; we were in our own home doing very simple things, such as:

  • Making glittered paper hearts
  • Celebrating a birthday with homemade paper hats and homemade cake
  • Listening to the rehearsed lines of a memorized poem that would be recited at a school competition the next day
  • Curling the hair of the competitor so she would look pretty for the competition
  • Making cookies on a snow day
  • Giving homemade Valentine treats and handcrafted cards to…

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