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The Atmosphere of Eternity

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Last Sunday  as my husband began preaching from Revelation 8, the emphasis of the message dealt with living in the atmosphere of eternity.  I’m pretty sure we all had many points of conviction about being so busy we miss out on what is best.  He said If we do live in the atmosphere of eternity, life is simple(r).  Don’t we all long for that?!  I sure do!

As I pondered the message, here are my applications of what that kind of mindset will do for me ~

If I live for eternity every single day:

  • I’ll have a much easier time understanding what I should be doing each day.
  • I will lay aside that which would distract me.
  • I can say “no” to things (or requests) that are outside of what is most important.
  • I will prioritize people, rather than things.
  • I will let that which matters for eternity matter most to me.
  • I’ll be ready to serve the Lord.
  • I’ll be giving others the Gospel.
  • I’ll be becoming wiser in God’s Word.
  • I’ll be more in prayer.

Let that which will matter when we’re caught up matter most.

The great use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast us.

How are you living today in the atmosphere of eternity?

With love,

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