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Family Friday – Be Kind!


Sometimes all it takes is a simple request to repeat what I just said to my husband that will do it.  I make a statement, he doesn’t hear and he says,

“What did you say?”

So, out it comes again, only this time it has a razor-sharp edge to it that would make Floyd the barber flinch!

Do I think he purposefully cannot hear me?  Do I really believe his diagnosis of hearing loss was an intentional  plan just to get under my skin?

How ridiculous, yet, sadly, that’s occasionally how I respond!

Why is it often easier to be really kind to people we barely even know than to our spouse?  He’s the one to whom we pledged to love until death, yet we kill him with our sarcastic responses, glaring looks and deathly silences.


There are kinder, nice ways of saying something and there are words or tones of voice that I could use that would upset someone.  Your husband is a person, too.  There are kinder, nicer ways of communicating with him and there are ways of setting him off, just by your choice of words or tone of voice.

Today’s encouragement for your family, your marriage, is just this –

Be Kind.

  • There are two ways to say something.  Choose the kinder way.
  • Show him even greater kindness than you would a friend who you love dearly.
  • Smile at him.
  • Forgive him.
  • Listen.
  • Look in his eyes when he speaks.
  • Lend him a hand.
  • Do a favor.
  • Oh, and repeat yourself with the softest tone when he cannot hear you (said Denise to herself!)

Do you find yourself being kinder to others than you are your spouse?  What will you do today to fix that?

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15 thoughts on “Family Friday – Be Kind!

  1. “Someone” used to threaten to film me during the day so that I could see how I look when I talk or am annoyed. 🙂 Well, it actually happened. Sometimes when I am editing a video for YouTube, I see myself respond to Paul’s interruption (or even just a normal interaction during the video) and I’m horrified at how sharp I am! Seeing myself on camera really helps me learn what it sounds and looks like when I’m being unkind. It is NOT pretty.


    1. Yes, none escape God’s Word. I’m reminded also of Ephesians 4:32, Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Jesus left such an example for us to follow! Thanks for stopping by to read!

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  2. Great reminder! I often have to repeat myself because my husband is focused on something else and I catch myself saying “I love talking to myself” and he doesn’t even hear that which make me more angry. I’ve been convicted many times that I need to speak words that encourage and respect my husband. I can’t do it in my own strength but I can with Christ’s help.


  3. Thank you for this reminder. I know I’m guilty of sharp responses far too often and I know my response creates a domino of emotions at my house. If I respond in a kind way my family does the same. If not, then I’m the one starting the negativity.


  4. This really resonated with me, Denise. My hubby has hearing loss as well and I just hate having to repeat myself. I know that way too often I tend to answer sharply. The thought that occurred to me just now is that I should be so thankful he is there for me to repeat myself to. I’m sure there are many widows who would love the chance to repeat themselves to their husbands again.

    Thanks for sharing this. It is so helpful to me to know this is something others are struggling with. And you shared some wonderful points as to how to show kindness!


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