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Friday Favorites

This has been another busy week, full of helping with a move, entertaining our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons for two nights (who were the ones moving), church, cooking, cleaning, and lots of baby snuggles.  Those are some of my favorite things from this week, but there’s more, and they’re on my camera, so let’s let the pictures roll…

Liza jane
Sweet Liza Jane…she’s just irresistible! And yes, she’s spoiled!!


chalkboard art
This new chalkboard drawing sums up our mornings!
Katie brown chikcen collage
This week on a busy day, I popped a roasting hen in the oven to have for dinner.  This Katie Brown Chicken recipe is so savory and delicious!  It makes the BEST gravy, too!  

Whenever my husband has to be away, he tucks notes around the house for me to find.  It absolutely melts my heart to think he goes to so much trouble to show his love!  I found these and other notes this week while he had to be gone.

Dale collage

I am honestly the most blessed woman to be married to someone so thoughtful and loving.  He is my favorite of all favorites!!! I don’t take him for granted – he’s a gift from God that I am more grateful for him with each passing day!!

I trust you had a some highlights in your week, even if you’re going through some hard things, and I know so many people are right now!  Sometimes we have to choose to look for the little blessings God allows and focus on those in the midst of the difficulties.

What is a highlight from your week?  Have you tried the Katie Brown Chicken?  

Refresh yourself this weekend,

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Great pictures…and I just had the opportunity to watch your video. They are always so enjoyable – and inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to make a video – and for inviting us into your home! It really is lovely!


    1. Thank you for watching! I appreciate your encouragement about the videos; I always cringe when I hit publish, wondering who would even care about what I’m sharing. Thank you! ❤


  2. Dear Mrs. Denise:

    The chicken looks fabulous! I’ve never roasted a hen before as I’m scared the middle won’t get done. lol 🙂 The highlight of my week was when my youngest daughter told me she wants to be baptized. What a moment for me! ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Also, you should try to roast a chicken! It’s not hard. Is recommend you get a meat thermometer so you can check to see if it’s cooked through. 175 degrees is where it should be. You can do it! 🍗😀


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