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Setting the Dinner Table

A part of every day life is eating a meal.  So, too, is the need to set the table.  I’ve heard many women say they don’t really know how to properly put the silverware and tableware out.  Is it just being too fussy to set the table?  No!  But if you don’t know what to do, fear not; it’s not something that requires lifted pinkies or tea cups!

My video today will show how to set a simple table, making it pretty enough for company, but also perfect for your family.  Don’t let them have your leftovers (no pun intended!). Make them feel special by making mealtime an event.  It’s really up to us to make the table pretty, and this simple video will give you a few ideas to show how.


What centerpiece do you have on your table right now?

Refresh your family’s dinner table!

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6 thoughts on “Setting the Dinner Table

  1. Seems like setting a nice table is a lost art in this microwaveable world. I love to see a beautiful table set for my family to gather at. It says “I love you” to all who sets around the table.


  2. Love your blog. My mother taught me to set a proper table and I’m so glad she did. I need to get back to setting the table and having a centerpiece. I have gotten out of the habit now the we have an empty nest.


    1. Thank you, Cassandra. I’m grateful you read my blog, and it’s so good to hear from you. An empty nest is simpler, isn’t it? I’ll bet your husband will appreciate your efforts in making the table special just for the two of you!


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