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Family Friday ~ Dressing For Him

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Spite the fact that it’s hard for me to do, yesterday I posted some recent outfits that I’d worn.  I hate putting myself out there.  I’d rather stay behind the camera.  So why do I do that?  To help inspire other women.  In a world that says we should just be comfy in our leggings and long t-shirts, I think it’s important that we “bump it up a notch.” I think this is true for all women – married or single.  What we wear says lots about who we are and what’s important to us.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I want my dress to honor Him.  I want to be neat, put together and modest as a part of my testimony.  That’s all very doable, but it does take effort.

As a wife, I also dress for my husband.  Romans 12:10 reminds us Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.  If I’m going to show preference to my husband, it won’t be about what I want, but what he likes.  Even if I’m not going anywhere all day, he sees me, so that gives me motivation to get up and get dressed!  I put on make-up.  I fix my hair.  I add jewelry.  I put on a little cologne.  When he leaves the house I want him to be able to think of me and smile, not wonder if I’ll still be looking the same bedraggled way when he returns!

This means I need to keep in mind what my husband likes to see.

  • He likes denim and black on me.
  • He also loves the color purple.
  • He doesn’t like the matronly look of baggy pants.
  • For casual days he likes it when I wear Kentucky shirts and jeans or sharp looking athletic wear.
  • He loves it when I wear heels.

I know all this and I would be foolish to disregard it!

Do you know what’s in your closet that your husband likes?  What does he dislike?  What is his favorite casual outfit?  What color does he love best on you?

Do you need to “bump it up a notch?”  Refresh your style and dress for him. It’s a little thing you can do to show him that you love him!

Have a great weekend and look your best!

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8 thoughts on “Family Friday ~ Dressing For Him

  1. Thank you for sharing your outfits. I am on the short side and its difficult to find outfits that don’t make me look frumpy. My husband does not like baggy pants either. The black dress and yellow sweater is a classy look. I will have to copy that one. 🌷


    1. Jane, I’m short, too and I feel your pain! I find the thing that helps is to streamline your outfit. If you have on loose fitting pants or skirt, make sure the top is more straight fitting and vice versa. Sometimes I have to try several different combinations before I feel it’s right. You’re smart to keep making the effort! Thanks for commenting!


  2. I should make you my accountability person. These posts are wonderful. Whitney had a similar video on Youtube yesterday. Did you plan to do this together or was it a coincidence. I think you girls are two peas in a pod.


  3. Debbi, Whitney and I laughed that about how our posts coincided! We didn’t plan that, but our hearts run the same on these issues. Are you on Instagram? Maybe if you make yourself post a picture a week of your best outfit you’ll challenge yourself to bump up your game! Thanks for your honesty…you can do this!! =)


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