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Full Home ~ Full Heart

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This has been a full summer, and I’m not necessarily talking about how busy it’s been.  I’m referring to the fullness  in my home and my heart.  You see, we have had the joy of hosting many people here.  We have had our church family here in small and large groups.  We hosted prayer meeting, after service fellowship, children’s Bible Club and women’s Bible study.  I’ll share the events via some pictures and explanations.

We have found that after church on Sunday nights  in the summertime is a great time to host friends!  Schedules are laid back and it stays light so long! We recently had a simple supper of grilled hot dogs, chips, an easy Texas Sheet cake and vanilla ice cream.  We visited…





Played Corn hole…img_5168

and some played volleyball. It was so much fun!img_5166

My ladies’ Bible study group ended our book, Lies Women Believe by having a review game of some of the truths we’ve learned.  We used the game, Tenzie to make it fun to recall those truths! Whoever won the round got to pull a “lie”from a basket, then call on someone to tell the truth that refuted it!img_5197

The discussion of the truths…


Since Truth and lies can be referred to as “black and white,” I made a black and white dessert for us to enjoy! Tuxedo Brownies from Pampered Chef were the perfect color (and taste!).


We’ve also had an overnight guest and also some surprise guests so far this summer! Is there anything more fun than dear friends you haven’t seen in about 20 years showing up at your church just so they can stop to see you on their way to their vacation?!

What a blessing it was to catch up with these dear friends in Christ! I fixed a simple lunch of Grilled Cheese sandwiches, chips, fresh vegetables and hummus, and we sat outside while the sun set and got caught up on the years since our last visit!


I can’t tell you how full my heart is when I look at my guest book and recall all the people that the Lord has allowed to pass through our doors so far this summer!  Jesus’ words to others were often, “Come.”  We long to have that kind of heart for people!  We asked God for this home so we could serve Him here by hosting folks inside and outside!  We’ve prayed, sung, opened God’s Word and shared Truth with so many, and it has truly filled our hearts even more than the house!

I share this to encourage you to open the doors of your home to others.  It’s the little simple times like these that are a blessing to you as the hosts, and also to those that you invite in!  You don’t have to be a fabulous cook!  My meals were all so simple!  I think that may even be part of what puts people at ease! Use what God has given you to be a blessing to someone else!

Who could you refresh by inviting them over for a game night with popcorn served as a snack? Do you have a backyard where you could host a volleyball or softball game?  Serve watermelon.  Could you invite folks over to read Scripture together and pray for revival?  Are there hurting people that need the fellowship your home could offer?  Why not refresh others this summer by inviting them to the home the Lord has given you?  Your heart will feel the fullness of the blessing it will bring!

Refresh others with your Christlike hospitality!

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4 thoughts on “Full Home ~ Full Heart

  1. I LOVE this post! We have been so blessed over the years by people that have come to our home. It is so easy to want to wait until everything is exactly the way you want it … beautiful spotless home, gourmet food, etc … but I try to remember that it is about people, relationships, and fellowship! I don’t think I have ever regretted having people over but I have regretted not having them.


  2. Christian hospitality is something I have been thinking about all summer. But I am the person Claire Beam mentioned. The person who “has to wait until everything is exactly the way you want it … beautiful spotless home, gourmet food, etc.” I need to let go of this type of thinking. For sure my home is never going to be perfect!

    Your times with friends sound delightful, Denise. I love your zest for living life beautifully. Thanks for sharing.


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