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Celebrating a Significant Birthday In Style

60 birthday a

This week marked my husband’s 60th birthday!  My girls and I wanted to do something special for him with just our family, and an occasion that was classy, but casual and fun.  We decided on a celebration at a restaurant in Asheville.

All our immediate family got to join us as we gathered at Louella’s Barbecue for a delicious lunch. Whitney did all the venue planning and said the staff was terrific to work with.  We chose this place not only for their food, but for the casual setting.  We thought it would work well with our twin grandsons.  They seemed to enjoy it, too!


Whitney is terrific at planning events!  She made adorable party favors for everyone with Dale’s favorite things tucked inside.  They included:

  • Handkerchiefs
  • Orange Life Savers
  • Nuts
  • Socks
  • Maple Goodies


The boys’ bags had toys to keep them occupied. They were wrapped in cellophane bags and had a bow tie attached that she’d made from card stock.  It was perfect for my bow tie-wearing guy!


She also decorated the table with a couple of helium balloons.  The food added the rest of the decor!

60 birthday 3
I had smoked turkey breast and fried okra.  Their hush puppies are signature sides added to most every meal.

Then there was THE CAKE!  The birthday boy requested Carrot Cake and this is a recipe I’ve been making him for lots of years!  It has crushed pineapple, coconut and nuts, and of course –  carrots!  That makes it healthy, right?! Okay, maybe not, but you only have one birthday a year!    This cake a whopper! It stood 5″ tall!

carrot cake 1a

Once we arrived at the restaurant I added the birthday embellishments – candles and more bow ties!

carrot cake 2a


cake 3

I really wanted to do something special for my husband’s gift, so I contacted a bunch of old friends of his and asked them to send me memories they have of him.  I printed them out so he could read them.  Then I made an album on Walgreens site and included pictures of our family, and then pictures of most everyone who had written to him of their memories.  The book took lots of time to do, but his response made it so worth it!

60 birthday 7

What could make a birthday better than being surrounded by those that love you most, enjoying good food, a special cake and sentimental gifts?  I think it’s a birthday that will stand out as a favorite – filled with fun and class!

Anyone else a Carrot Cake lover?  I just might share this recipe soon!
What special thing have you done to celebrate significant birthday?

Refresh your next celebration,

denise a


6 thoughts on “Celebrating a Significant Birthday In Style

  1. This was a very special day!!! Thank you for all the work you put into it to make it a most memorable event! How blessed to be with all of my family! Everything was perfect! The carrot cake was a Food Network Blue Ribbon special!


  2. How nice this party was. I am having a big birthday in a few weeks. All my kids will be here and some of the grandkids. My kids are so excited about it all. I don’t want to be vintage but I have decided to embrace it and have fun with my family. I might even do the little favor bags for everyone. Thanks, Whitney, for the great idea.


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