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Tips & Tricks That Refreshed Us!

We’ve been home bound this week due to my husband’s eye surgery, but we’ve had some wonderfully refreshing blessings that have truly refreshed us!

  • Did you know you can plant your Mums and possibly get them to come back next year? I’ve enjoyed these flowers so much!

The mum I showed last week has opened up fully!  I’ve enjoyed it so much!

FYI – Why did my mums come back?  This is what I found –
 are considered tender perennials. Whether they come back the next year depends on when and where they are planted: Spring or summer – If planted in spring or summer, mums will have ample time to establish a good root system.


  • If you can’t afford to attend a conference, there’s a possibility you could watch it live on Facebook!  My husband and I enjoyed our own couples Conference on our patio last Saturday!  We were supposed to attend the Couples Prayer Advance in Pigeon Forge, but due to the eye surgery he had, we were at home.  He pulled it up on Facebook Live and we watched it from our comfy patio!
    I’m so grateful for a husband who invests in our marriage.  We took the time to pray together when the preacher asked the couples attending to do so.  We held hands and talked to the Lord about our marriage.
    Don’t be hindered from attending conferences that will help you grow!
These turquoise pillow covers were $5 each! They are a heavy fabric with a beautiful trim.  The back has a zipper that is hidden in the seam.  So well made!
  • If you want to refresh the decorative pillows at your house and spend lots less, go to Hobby Lobby and purchase pillow slipcovers!  You will find a huge variety in the sewing department.  Like everything else at Hobby Lobby, they will mark them 50% off.  Of course you can also use the 40% off coupon if you can’t wait for the sale!
  • Even if you don’t or can’t cook, you can be a blessing to others who need  a meal. We had the blessing of some hot meals delivered to our door during my husband’s recovery time and I’m so grateful for their kindness in bringing delicious food for us.  Even though I’m the cook at home and I’m well and able to get around, when you’re caring for a person who’s sick or recovering from surgery, your days are full and tiring.  Not having to think about supper has been a blessing!  But if you’re not able to deliver a hot meal to someone you know could use it, try what someone else did for us…have  a pizza delivered to their door! This came on the afternoon that we had a follow-up appointment that took nearly two hours.  We got home after 5:00 and the pizza was delivered at 5:45!  Another thoughtful gesture was the couple who brought cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a half dozen donuts!  They stayed and we were able to enjoy a treat while they visited. I may be doing low-carb dieting after this is over!!  I think it’s just so sweet that people can think of such creative ways to be so thoughtful!

    Each of these were such a blessing to me this week!  God is so good to bless us!

Which of these ideas were helpful to you?

Have a great weekend!

denise a

12 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks That Refreshed Us!

  1. Hey there! Lovely blog! I’m so glad I found you, don’t know how I did, but I did. Thanks for the “refresher”. I’m planning to return soon, looks like there’s a lot to read.


  2. Thanks for the great tip on the pillow slipcovers! I have some decorative pillows that are getting tattered and I was about to shop for new pillows, which can be pricey. Now I’m planning on going to Hobby Lobby instead!


  3. Wow, that mum! What a champ! My M-I-L has always had a green thumb and can grow anything. She had a kindergarten student give her a mum that she planted and kept alive for over 20 years!


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