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Refresh Your Marriage – Get Out!


This week I posted about adding a little Valentine’s Day decor to my home, just to add some warmth and joy in the month of January.  Along with the long days and months of winter, marriage can feel like it’s cold, gray and maybe even a little icy at times.  It’s so important to have a sensitive spirit about that so you can refresh your relationship, add some light and sparkle to what has become mundane!

There are lots of ways to do that and all it takes is a little ingenuity and time together. Here are a few suggestions to add some fun and refreshment to your marriage today!

  1. Get out of your rut.  Instead of just piling onto the couch in the evening to watch whatever is on, make a plan for the hour or two after dinner.  Set up a small table by the fireplace if you have one, or in a cozy corner of your house and get a couple of games ready.  This is not family game night – this is a time for you and your spouse.  Don’t get too competitive, just play the game, talk, laugh.  Pop some popcorn and drink a soda or hot chocolate. Wherever you see rut forming, do something to change things up.
  2. Get out of the house. Go out and find a new place to enjoy.
    1. That could be a new coffee house that’s opened in your area. (For those of you local, Still Waters Coffee Shop in Gray has gotten good reviews!)
    2. Find a fun place for dinner or dessert.
    3. Maybe there’s a new thrift store or consignment shop where you could search for great deals.
    4. Take a walk in a park or on a walking path you’ve not been to before.  Take a hike if there weather permits.
    5. Why not try a new grocery store and shop TOGETHER?
  3. Get out of your silence.  Think of some things you’ve need to talk about – vacation plans for this year, issues with your children, spiritual matters, plans for retirement, updates you want to make to your home this year.  Talk.  Make notes.  Dream a little!!  This sharing of your hearts is critical to keeping connected.

Recently my husband and I went away for one night as part of his birthday celebration.  While we were gone for 24 hours, we were able to talk about so many things that had been on my heart.  It was so sweet to share those things and get his perspective! Now we can both be praying and seeking God’s directives for OUR lives – not just mine or his.

Don’t let the winter months turn your relationship as cold as the temperatures.  Get out of your rut,  your house and your silence.  It will help to warm things up and bring a little springtime to your marriage!

Refresh your marriage!

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3 thoughts on “Refresh Your Marriage – Get Out!

  1. Oh, I hate to admit what I hermit I become during the winter months. But you are right – getting out (of the house and a rut) is so necessary. Not only for my marriage but also for me!! Thanks for the good ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!


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