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Valentine’s Day Decor

I love adding a little Valentine’s Day decor to my home a couple weeks before the holiday.  It warms things up in the long, cold month of January!  I didn’t buy a thing – I just used what I already had.

Here’s a look at what I’ve done…

A couple of pink pinwheels, a new chalkboard design, and a cute little frame added a subtle bit of decor.


A little closer look at the mantle…


On the kitchen counter… A couple years ago I found a random X and O at Hobby Lobby.  They are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


I added Red paper napkins with a heart-shaped cookie cutter on top…


A Note card I recently received in the mail, plus another pink cookie cutter are in the back of the metal container on the island.


If you want to add Valentine’s Day touches, just look for what you have on hand, like heart-shaped cutters, or any other item that might be pink or red.  Make a little grouping and warm your space up with those simple touches! It’s just the right addition in these winter months to cheer things up!

denise a

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Decor

  1. Very cute. I love every decorations you shared. February is my birthday month. I was born on the 23rd. So I love the pinks, reds and white colors


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