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Compromise On the Scenic Route

The scenic route is usually the long way to get somewhere.  However, it’s usually the most beautiful and adventurous way to travel!  Enjoying marriage on the scenic route means taking the time to invest into your marriage.

The truth is, marriage can be a bumpy ride.
You might get lost, wondering why you ever got on the road in the first place.
You might be looking for an exit when there isn’t one.

It’s for all these reasons and a dozen more that it’s important to take time to invest in your relationship.  My husband and I affectionately call it, Taking the Scenic Route.  It makes us slow down, spend time together and enjoy the gift of marriage that God has given us.

This week we had the blessing of getting to go on a hike together – something my husband loves to do and that we had determined to try to make happen once a month.  I love the outdoors and I enjoy long walks, and even taking a hike if…

  • there’s no threat of snakes.
  • it’s not all uphill.
  • it’s not super hot.

No, I’m a not really a dedicated hiker, but my husband promised we’d take a hike that I would enjoy.  So, we hit the scenic route near us and found a trail that was indeed an easy hike.  It was only a half a mile and less than ten minutes of it was pretty steep.  The reward was worth it!  The falls, the moss, greenery, and clear water in the stream were gorgeous!





It was a bit of a compromise – I would hike and he would find a trail I could enjoy.  We had the blessing of uninterrupted time together while we were out there.  We got to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors.  We had time in the car traveling to and from our hike to chat, listen to some music and just be together.

I encourage you to find ways to make a compromise, if necessary, so that you can spend time together as a married couple.  When we were dating, we spent every minute possible with one another.  After marriage, it’s so easy to let the busyness of life to crowd out the needed time to stay close.

Hit the scenic route and maybe even take a hike while you’re at it!

Refresh your marriage on the scenic route,

denise a

4 thoughts on “Compromise On the Scenic Route

  1. Y’all are so cute! My husband and I try to at least once a month go out and enjoy a day together. We love spending that time talking and catching up on all that is going on or making plans for our future. I encourage everyone to do this so you don’t grow apart after the kids are grown and gone.


    1. Good counsel! And how wise for you and your husband to spend that kind of time talking and catching up! Busy lives lead to drifting marriages if we don’t keep a watch on it! Stay at it! 😊


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