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A Fresh Start in the Fridge

Last week on Instagram I saw Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) do a reel showing how she stocked her refrigerator. She started with a fridge that clean and empty. Then she added all new, unopened grocery items

  • Bottles of water
  • Condiments
  • Piles of fresh lemons and limes
  • Eggs
  • Cheeses of every kind
  • Several kinds of meats
  • Sodas
  • Milk
  • Juices
  • Deli meats
  • Veggies of all sorts, all washed and wrapped
  • Freshly roasted chicken
  • Homemade soups and hummus
  • And lots more

It was pretty incredible to view the video, but as I watched, I wondered what “regular person” could really purchase all that so they could end up with that lovely, satisfying result? What do you think? Could the average person fill their fridge like that all at one time? I don’t think very many would be able to follow her example.

But I have some good news! I have a few ideas for you today to help your fridge be as organized and lovely inside as Ree’s – and it will cost you nothing extra!

Since we’ve just come through the holidays, perhaps your fridge is nearly bare. Great! Or maybe it’s still full of little leftover containers of this and that. That’s okay.

  1. Start by emptying the shelves one at a time. Analyze each food item as to whether it should stay or go. Check the expiration dates and pitch anything out that’s old.
  2. Once the shelf is empty, wipe it down with hot, soapy water. Then begin to put the items for that shelf back in.
  3. Keep like items together – condiments, salad dressings, sauces, dairy itms, etc.
  4. Place each item with labels facing out so it looks uniform.

I like using vinyl placemats in my fridge because it makes it easy to wash. I plunge them into the hot, soapy water, then dry them and put them back in their spot! You’ll notice the turquoise ones in the picture below.

I like putting my blueberries and strawberries into Mason jars (after the berries have been washed). They stay fresh SO much longer that way! You’ll see the jar in the left drawer below. They also look pretty displayed in the fridge that way! Mason jars are also great for leftovers!

I try to keep all the leftover containers together on one shelf, that way nothing gets forgotten, and it keeps the fridge from getting cluttered up with little dishes.

Start the new year with a fresh start in your kitchen by taking what you have and getting it clean and organized. You’ll be inspired to keep it that way. There’s something very satisfying about opening up a freshly straightened up space – especially something as big and important as the refrigerator!

Is your fridge full or empty now that the holidays are past?

10 thoughts on “A Fresh Start in the Fridge

  1. I’m with you—I can NOT imagine throwing away every single condiment, etc. (unless it’s expired or gross) and purchasing everything in one shopping trip, especially with grocery prices today! Way too expensive and wasteful! Like you, I just got rid of anything expired and little tidbits of leftover food, wiped the shelves and drawers, and restocked fruits and veggies to get back on our healthy diet. It feels so good to purge both the fridge and our bodies! 😁 Happy 2022 and thanks for all your thoughtful posts, Denise! Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, isn’t it a good feeling to get back on track physically and organizationally?! I need to stop using the phrase, “After all, it is the holidays!” =0
      You’re such an encourager to me, Alinda; thank you!


    1. I’m so sorry. I cannot even imagine the grief you’re facing. I wish I could invite you to dinner with us! Maybe the Lord would bring a girlfriend along or a young family in your church that you could share a meal with occasionally? I’ll be praying for those quiet, lonely times in your life, Debbi.


      1. Thanks, Denise! I think it sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself. Sorry! I do have a lot of family support and friends who are always there for me. I am really blessed.
        I have recently moved and haven’t been settled enough to entertain. In fact, until yesterday, I didn’t even know if my oven worked. So I gave it a test run because on Sunday I am making dinner for my son and his family. I have, also, in my mind, a list of friends who I will invite over for lunch, tea or whatever.
        You are such an encourager! I appreciate you and Whitney so much.


      2. No, Debbi, I never thought you were feeling sorry for yourself. I cannot imagine your grief and time of adjustment to this time in your life. I’m so glad you have family near to spend time with you. I’m also glad for your friends who can come over and also perhaps meet out for a cup of coffee! I’m praying for you!


  2. Hi Denise! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I have been so blessed by it! Just wanted to pop in and say thank you!!!! Blessings!



  3. My fridge was in a desperate need of reorganization. We had to downsize to a Japanese size fridge when the one we brought to Japan died and it has been challenging. I am grateful that God gave me a bigger than normal one and with a little reorganizing, it is holding so much more. Thanks for the encouragement!!


    1. A friend of mine, also on the mission field, was telling me about her tiny refrigerator. I hadn’t thought about those kind of challenges of moving to another country. Isn’t the Lord good to help us adjust even with a little bit of organizing as a means to fix the problem? I love seeing your ministry there! Prayers that 2022 will be a year of bearing much fruit.


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