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Show a Little Kindness

The world is filled with attitudes of selfishness, impatience and rudeness, so when a woman displays the godly attribute of kindness, it is a striking contrast.  This week’s podcast episode will answer what, why, where and how of kindness in a believer’s life. Oh, and listen to see if you would pass “the kindness quiz.”

You can go here to listen to the whole episode.

On the podcast I shared a memory of a kind lady. Can you remember someone doing something so kind for you? What impact did it make on you?

Refresh the lives of others with kindness.

2 thoughts on “Show a Little Kindness

  1. I look forward to hearing your podcast. I paint Comfort Stones and pass them out to waitresses and cashiers at businesses. It is my simple way of showing kindness. The smiles the stones bring to people’s faces is a testimony of maybe the lack of kindness that is show to others these days. They are grateful for simple gestures and it makes me wonder how hard their days must be “dealing with the public”.

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    1. That’s a unique way to show your care! I think it’s so great to think of creative ways to demonstrate the kindness that we reflect from our God. Thanks for sharing!


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