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My Flesh Faileth – Part 2

We made the trip back to Indiana, praying and knowing that the Lord knew exactly what was going on. Our baby was in His hands and we could trust Him. We travelled home on a Friday and my doctor’s office was closed by the time we got home. I had an appointment for an ultrasound at the hospital on Monday and decided that unless some other symptom occurred I would wait until then. Needless to say, the weekend was a long one, and my fears deepened as I continued to feel no movement from the baby. Continue reading “My Flesh Faileth – Part 2”

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My Flesh Faileth

This morning as I read the next psalm in our study for Sunday School I was taken back twenty-one years ago to a time when three verses from Psalm 73 became “my own.”

It was mid summer of 1987. I was 29 years-old and expecting my second child. My three year-old was excited about her baby brother or sister that would be delivered in a few months. My husband and I were attending a conference in Iowa, so our daughter, Whitney, was being cared for at home by her grandparents in our absence. Continue reading “My Flesh Faileth”